Gift giving…

I am feeling decidedly Grinchy right now.  We have done some online ordering in order to find some nice gifts that we just don’t know how to find in this area.  So far we have apparently bought the wrong item and received multiple items in a banged-up state that we now get to give as gifts in their definitely no longer gift giving condition boxes.  We purchased an item based on the description not aware that the description and picture did not match the title.  This can be blamed on our ignorance of toys for children.  So what was supposed to be a ‘good deal’ turned out to be a little expensive once we received the item and realize we had apparently bought something different.  An email to the seller yielded absolutely no response.  Normally, I have absolutely no issues with stuff I buy from Amazon.  This time around, the box that arrived looked like it had been personally kicked from their warehouse to my house.  The shipping box was barely together and several gifts inside had damage to their boxes – including significant damage to one of the boxes but no actual damage to the toy.  I just received my step-father’s gifts in a padded envelope.  What kind of company ships an item in a clear plastic box in a padded envelope.  Of course the end of the box is squashed flat.  Its supposed to be shipped in another box.  Thankfully the gift isn’t actually damaged but the box is not exactly in gift giving condition at this point.  *sigh*

Whatever happened to customer service and common sense?


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