I had 5 days off for Thanksgiving and Eduardo had 4.  I didn’t think 5 days could have gone by so quickly.  I spent the first day running errands and going to my volunteer work.  I then spent a couple of hours with Eduardo trying to sort out why he doesn’t have a functioning prescription… AGAIN!!!  Now the guy at this company was laughing at us when we explained that we had spent several hundred dollars already in an effort to get him new glasses because we couldn’t get a total return on our lenses.  Now, he is telling us that we can’t return ANYTHING.  What happened to the whole… That won’t happen here??!!?!!  We have spent another 350$ and received absolutely nothing but 2 sets of glasses and lenses.  We even told the company NOT to go ahead with the sports glasses until we make sure that we have the right prescription… and what do they do?  They also make the prescription lenses for the sports glasses.  ARGH!!!  This is an entire nightmare.  We are now trying to find an optometrist who speaks Spanish at our own expense so we can get the right prescription and then put that prescription in the glasses.  So Wedensday was a total write-off by the end of the evening because we were so frustrated.  Wednesday night,  I ripped of the majority of the bad caulking in the tub and re-caulked it.  This was extremely difficult because the caulking had turned hard as a rock and wouldn’t peel off.
On Thursday, we had Thanksgiving.  We had a tourtierre(meat pie), yams and apples in a brown sugar sauce and butternut squash.  We also went to the gym.  I don’t think we did much else besides that.
Friday, we got up at 4:30am in the morning.  I kid you not.  We got up to head to the opening hours of JC Penny and Macys.  I got in an out of Macy’s within 15 minutes because I got there when they opened.   It took me considerably longer at JCPenny’s.  The first time, I did pretty ok.  I was out of there in 30 minutes but I couldn’t find a couple of things.  So… we went back to JC Penny’s and stood in line for like 30 minutes to get the last items.  We ended up behind two women that had garbage bags full of stuff that they had bought.  ARGH!!!  We also headed to Sears to buy a booster seat for Kylie.  That took up two hours and by that time I was pooped (and so was he so we went home).  We tallied up the money we spend on the kids and have decided to buy bikes for them with the rest of the money in the budget.  Unfortunately,  Kmart was totally sold out of the bikes they had on sale despite making the trek to the 3 local Kmarts.  WAHHH!!!
Saturday, we spent the day looking for an apartment for Kelly.  We finally found a newly renovated basement apartment for a good deal that wasn’t a dark, dank hole.  We snapped it up.  The landlord actually offered us lunch while we were dealing with the deposit and everything.  We accepted and he provided us with a yummy Middle Eastern meal.  As a result, we blew most of the day on this task.
Sunday,  we did housework and starting chiseling the caulk off between the wall/tub and floor.  This was even harder than the tub.  We have one small wall done and another small wall partly done.   We hope to work on it little by little during the week so it will be done by/on next weekend.  Eduardo has headed off to the mall and I have been making banana bread(in the oven) and regular white bread(in the breadmaker).  I also put up some weatherstripping on the door sides.  This should help with the door banging when the windows/sliding door is open.  It might even prevent heat loss.  I think I need to do something for the space under the door but I am not sure what.  What can you do with a steel door and door frame?

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