Zoom… Zoom….

That is the sound of my life racing by me on the road.  I am so absolutely busy I can barely see which way is up.

Before updating you… I just want to take a moment to comment on my step-father’s comment.  Hey… Im a woman… I read the manual.  And it clearly stated that I could substitute breadmachine yeast for active yeast.  It lied!

So what are we doing?  I am sure I have mentioned this before but Eduardo’s ex and his children have gotten immigration visas and are moving to the area.   They are arriving December 6th.  In the last week or so, we have been investigating apartments and finally found a private apartment that would take them.  Apartment buildings were out because they had all kinds of rules about minimum earnings (what earnings??? she just arrived!) or maximum people and the price of a two bedroom was simply out of reach for her.  The apartment is small but newly renovated so it looks nice.   We wish it was closer but our county is simply too expensive so she is in the next county about 30 minutes away.

Once we found the apartment,  we started scrounging Craigslist for free stuff.  Craigslist is cut-throat and extremely stressful.  If you don’t a) answer the email within 10 minutes or b) drop everything to arrive within 30 you have no hope of getting said item.  The people just give it to the first person that arrives and often tells multiple people to come and get it.  From Craigslist, we have found a recliner, toaster oven, blender, entertainment center/desk, 13" TV with built-in DVD player, rug, nice TV tables and dining room table with chairs.  We also pulled 2 kitchen chairs and a kids craft table out of our local garbage. We have donated our bed (we got a new queen and this is a double), linens for said bed, pot holders, chicken rotissierre, our old dishes, our old cutlery, our old vacuum cleaner, an air mattress, 2 teddy bears, some big floor pillows, 3 bed pillows, curtains and some face cloths.  For their welcoming presents we purchased a kitchen starter set, some clothes and I made a quilt for each of the children.  We also need to get them a shower rod, shower curtain and curtain rods.  I will also be buying them some starter groceries so they have some food in the house and she doesn’t have to worry about food as soon as she arrives. My mom also made them little dolls which they will be getting when they arrive.  I realize that they are missing a lot of stuff but hopefully this will get them started.

We have also run into some frustrations along the way.  The kids are obviously not covered under any medical insurance.  She arrives the day AFTER the clinics for free school medical exams for uninsured children end for the semester.  If we want to put Piero in school, we have to pay close to 100$ for this exam.  ARGH!!!  The good news is that they live within walking distance of his school.

If dealing with all of this wasn’t enough,  our dryer dropped dead.  I sure hope it is the dryer and not the electrical socket.  Friends lent us a pick-up truck to allow us to move stuff to the apartment.  The double bed doesn’t quite fit into the Patriot.  Before we start moving stuff into Kelly’s apartment, we have to pick up the dryer that we bought off Craigslist….. somehow shoehorn that into our apartment with all the stuff for Kelly in it and THEN start moving Kelly’s stuff out.  I am tired just thinking about this.

Then we have to squeeze in installing some lights in our apartment.  Eduardo’s company was giving away stock that they don’t use so we have three new lights for the house.  One for the hallway, one for the laundry room and another for the kitchen.  We also have to wait for the bed delivery and do groceries.  On Sunday,  I am having a little lunch for a couple of friends to celebrate my birthday.  That sounded like a good idea at the time but now I sound TOO BUSY!!!

I have also started a second job.  Both of us are looking for second jobs but so far only I have found one.  I will be working at a fabric store Monday, Thursday and Friday nights and all day Sunday.  We need the money to help offset the mounting bills.  Hopefully, within 6 months we will have a couple of bills paid off and the financial pressure will be off of us.   Of course,  it will  help that the double whammy of trying to deal with the kids’ move AND Christmas all in the same month will be over.


2 responses to “Zoom… Zoom….

  1. Wow you are busy! Good luck with the move, your second job, and Christmas that’s quite a bit to take on. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have some fun for your birthday you definitely deserve it.
    Hugs,~ FC

  2. LOL
    Alright so you do read the manuals.
    Happy Birthday Andrea.

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