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Christmas and me….

to the Christmas edition of getting to know your friends!  Okay, here’s
what you’re supposed to do, and try not to be a SCROOGE!!!  Just copy
this entire post and paste into your own blog. Change all the answers
so that they apply to you.  ‘Tis the Season to be NICE!
1. Wrapping paper or gift bags?  This totally depends on the gift.  If i think it is too painful to wrap… into a gift bag it goes.
Real tree or artificial?  Artificial.   Real trees around here are insanely expensive and only last the season.   At  least  if you drop some money on an artificial tree, it will  last a long time.    The current tree is probably 10 years old.
3. When do you put up the tree? Usually the first weekend of December.  Often times I have a trim-the-tree party because the weekend falls right around my birthday.  This year we have done it really late.  We got the tree up Tuesday but no ornaments will go on it until Christmas Eve.
 4. When do you take the tree down? Usually around New Years.
5. Do you like eggnog?   Absolutely!!!! I don’t care if it’s bad for me.  I wish it was available all year long!
6. Favorite gift received as a child?   The one I still remember (I don’t know if it was my favourite back then) is the doll and clothes that I got from my Grandmother L.
7. Do you have a nativity scene? Does it count as yes if we don’t use it because the cat knocked the head off several figures?
8. Hardest person to buy for?    Step-Mother and her mother
9. Easiest person to buy for?    my mother
10. Worst Christmas gift you ever received?  A glow in the dark frog candle.  Sorry Mike… I had to say this.   It did make a great weight for my CD player that only works properly if you weight the corner down.
11. Mail or email Christmas cards?   Definitely mail.
12. Favorite Christmas Movie?   I only like the Grinch that stole Christmas
13. When do you start shopping for Christmas?   Depends.  I have been known to get it done by September.  This year… still working on it so obviously not as organized.
14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?   I am pretty sure I have.
15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?  Licorice.  Every year my Mom would give me a big bag of licorice – red please – and I would generally eat it until I was ready to be sick.  Weird I know…
16. Clear lights or colored on the tree?   Coloured.  White is nice and elegant but I think the coloured ones are more cheerful.
17. Favorite Christmas song?  Christmas in Kilarney.  Anyone know where I can get a CD with this on it?  This was a song we sang when I was in elementary school but it doesn’t seem to be recorded anywhere.
18. Travel at Christmas or stay home?  Usually I am heading up to my parents in Canada.  The bonus about this is that I always get a white Christmas.  The not-so-bonus item is that snow usually means its cold.  I hate the cold!!!!!  This year we are staying at home to spend our first Christmas with the kids.
19. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeers?   Maybe?
20. Angel on the tree top or a star?   Angel made of some type of  grass fibre
Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning?   Christmas morning.  Sometimes,  I have opened a present on Christmas Eve.

Most annoying thing about this time of year?    Other Shoppers!!!!  I ended up doing a good chunk of my shopping on-line this year because I simply detest the crowds.


Just for Mom….

When we were little, we used to sleep with Mom sometimes.  I think this happened when Dad was on the night shift.  One thing I remember clearly about this was Mom getting after us to lie still.  I guess we were a little wiggly as kids and she had a tough time sleeping. 

I bet that Mom never thought that I would be paid back in full for all those nights we kept her awake!  But rest assured Mom,  I think the payback is coming.  Kelly went to work last night so the kids ended up at our house for the evening while Eduardo looked after them.  I was at work and coming home just as Eduardo was trying to leave with them and pick her up.  I guess Piero loves to read but most of all,  he wants to learn English and wants to be read to IN English.  I gather this can only be accomplished by me and he has asked for me several times to come and read to him over the course of the last several weeks.  Last night,  he was digging his heels in and didn’t want to go home.  He wanted to stay with me and have me read to him.  The decision was made to take him home tomorrow morning.  So Piero and I sat down for a little reading session.  After reading for a bit, he says to me, ‘Ok,  I am ready to go home to Kelly now’.  Apparently, he didn’t understand the consequences of what staying to read meant.  It meant he was going to stay the WHOLE night.  After heading off what looked to be a serious crying session, we went to bed.   He is scared of the dark and started to get upset about being in the bedroom despite having the door open with light shining in.  I suggested he tell me a story to take his mind off of it and I got to listen to a very inventive story about Winnie the Pooh.  Afterwards, he went right to sleep.  He didn’t move a muscle.  I am thinking I have escaped the wiggly kid syndrome….. but the best was yet to come!

At 2:55am,  Piero sits up in bed and says, "el bano"  Off to the bathroom we go. Back to the bed we go.  And my payback started.  I got kicked multiple times over the course of the rest of the night.  So Mom… you can start chuckling about how the sins of my childhood are being visited on me in the form of my step-children.

Who ARE those people??

Last year,  I received a Christmas card from someone with the last name Miller
Nguyen who lived in a city near here.  The Christmas card had a picture
of two kids on it and simply gave their names.  I am sorry but I know
I had never met those kids.  I kept wishing that the sender had put a
photo of the whole family on the card because I suspected that I
probably knew the parents.  A few weeks after Christmas, I threw out
the card.  What do you do with a card from someone you don’t

This year,  I got the same mystery picture Christmas card.  Once
again,  they only put the children in the picture and I was no more
enlightened this year than I was last year about who these kids were. 
But this morning on my way to work,  I am running the over the mystery
of this card in my head – it is a puzzler after all and suddenly the
proverbial light turned on over my head.  I suddenly recognized one of
the names on the card.  It was the real estate agent who sold me my

I’m sorry but sending me a card with kids I have never met 9 or 10 months after I last spoke to you… does not a memory make! 

Work and more Work

I really have absolutely nothing witty or interesting to say.  I think
witty went out the door with the free time I gave up to take on a
second job.  Since I only seem to work,  interesting has definitely
left the building!

We are definitely feeling the financial crunch of bills.   Eduardo
simply doesn’t make enough to cover all the extra bills that have
occurred since we got married.  We have lawyer bills,  car payments, 
child support (which is even higher now that they are in the US),
dental bills and so on.   The list of expenses that have cropped up is
continual and on-going.  As a result,  both of us decided we better get
second jobs.  Eduardo has had no luck.  I managed to get a second job
at the first place I applied to.

I am now working at a fabric store.  I cut fabric based on the
customer’s desires, help keep the store tidy and give advice to
customers about their potential purchases.  I rather enjoy the job
(except for the 100% on your feet part) so it is not so painful to head
to work after completing a full day at my primary job.   After 30
days,  I will get  a 25% discount on all of my fabric and other
notions.  That sounds like a pretty good deal except that I am not sure
when I will have a lot of time to actually do anything creative.

Eduardo was looking for a job.   I found out that the fabric store
needed a stock room person so I suggested that he apply for it.  He has
and in a week or so,  he will be working for the fabric store also. 
The job requires him to interact with customers a bit.  This is not
something he particularly enjoys so I hope that it doesn’t end up
causing problems for him.  The manager was actually really nice and
meshed our schedules together.  Both of us have Tuesday, Wednesday and
Saturday night off as well as all day Sunday.  We will work together,
Thursday and Friday night and all day Saturday.   I was concerned we
would have opposite schedules and never see each other.

I will try to think of interesting things that happen to me but with me always working, it might be difficult to do.

Its my turn!

I have been sicker than a dog for the last couple of days.  I was fine Wednesday morning all the way up to lunch.  I ate my lunch and within a couple of hours I was at home and in bed.  I was horribly sick all that night into the wee hours of the morning.  I finally started feeling better Wednesday afternoon so I ate an early supper of chicken and spinach.  THAT was a mistake.  Within about 30 minutes,  I was sick all over again.  The worst of it only lasted a couple of hours but it was a miserable couple of hours.  I am back at work today and I just have rice to eat.  I am a little nervous about eating anything other than severely bland food in case I suffer for it.

Update on my Mom

I spoke to my Mom last night.  She is already home and feeling much better.  I suspect she has a long road ahead with her with physiotherapy but she has come through the first part just fine.

They’re here!

They arrived at the apartment at about 7pm.  I had just finished everything I was going to finish (because I WAS POOPED) and sat down to read a book.  Piero and Kylie couldn’t be more different from each other but both of them took to me easily and didn’t have any problems asking me to help them get ready for bed or wash their hands.  It was a little weird.  I expected them to be shy of a total stranger.  Kelly seems to be very nice and I think we can get along.

I am hopeful that this experience will be a positive experience for everybody.

On a sadder note,  my mom is in the hospital still.  She broke her hip a couple of days ago when she fell on some ice and is awaiting surgery.  Apparently it is a good break so they are just putting a pin in it as opposed to replacing her hip.  I am awaiting the news of her surgery and hope that all goes well.