The update

Just to bring you up to date….

We moved all the stuff that we scrounged from CraigsList or the local curb to the apartment.  We were up until 1am on Friday and after 11pm on Saturday.  Friday was a LOOOOONG day.  I left work at 3:15.  Picked up the truck, transferred stuff to the truck, picked up the shelving unit (it was listed under free but the guy absolutely wanted a donation so he got my remaining 3$ – it shouldn’t be listed in FREE if you want a donation), picked up the dryer, dropped off the dryer at our house, packed up two trucks of stuff, unloaded 2 trucks, had dinner, packed up the truck again, returned the truck and then went home to move the old dryer out and the new dryer in!!! Whew!

I have to say that I felt like the stars had aligned on Saturday night.  We had one double bed and an air mattress for the three of them.  It wasn’t ideal but I couldn’t get any of the beds listed on Craigslist.  So on Saturday,  we were heading out to get groceries and our moving neighbours had just put two twin boxsprings on the curb.  I asked them if they were garbage and they were.  What luck!!! We picked up two twin mattresses/boxsprings and a Pooh bear from them.  So out to Chantilly to re-borrow the truck from my friend to take the mattresses to the apartment.  We were just about to the apartment and I see a couch on the curb.  We drop off the mattresses and make the bed and head back to the couch.  It is still there and looks half decent so the couch goes back to the apartment.  We are now officially done with the  free furniture scrounging.

Our next step is to unpack the stuff and put it away.  I have come to the conclusion that it is VERY expensive to start over.  We feel like spending freaks despite the fact that we are only trying to get her the basics.  And when I mean basics… Piero has pink sheets because they were on sale for 7$.  We are going to convince him they are Pink Panther pink to go with his quilt.  We hit the dollar store to get things like salt and pepper, cleaning supplies, garbage cans and things like that.   Even at a 1$, the basics add up quick.  We have a few more basics to buy.  We are also going to buy some groceries so she has the basics in the house and doesn’t need to worry about groceries right away.

I only hope that she likes it and can look past the obvious defects in the furniture.


One response to “The update

  1. You are a saint! I can’t believe all that you’ve done. I’m sure she will greatly appreciate all of it!
    ~ FC

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