Work and more Work

I really have absolutely nothing witty or interesting to say.  I think
witty went out the door with the free time I gave up to take on a
second job.  Since I only seem to work,  interesting has definitely
left the building!

We are definitely feeling the financial crunch of bills.   Eduardo
simply doesn’t make enough to cover all the extra bills that have
occurred since we got married.  We have lawyer bills,  car payments, 
child support (which is even higher now that they are in the US),
dental bills and so on.   The list of expenses that have cropped up is
continual and on-going.  As a result,  both of us decided we better get
second jobs.  Eduardo has had no luck.  I managed to get a second job
at the first place I applied to.

I am now working at a fabric store.  I cut fabric based on the
customer’s desires, help keep the store tidy and give advice to
customers about their potential purchases.  I rather enjoy the job
(except for the 100% on your feet part) so it is not so painful to head
to work after completing a full day at my primary job.   After 30
days,  I will get  a 25% discount on all of my fabric and other
notions.  That sounds like a pretty good deal except that I am not sure
when I will have a lot of time to actually do anything creative.

Eduardo was looking for a job.   I found out that the fabric store
needed a stock room person so I suggested that he apply for it.  He has
and in a week or so,  he will be working for the fabric store also. 
The job requires him to interact with customers a bit.  This is not
something he particularly enjoys so I hope that it doesn’t end up
causing problems for him.  The manager was actually really nice and
meshed our schedules together.  Both of us have Tuesday, Wednesday and
Saturday night off as well as all day Sunday.  We will work together,
Thursday and Friday night and all day Saturday.   I was concerned we
would have opposite schedules and never see each other.

I will try to think of interesting things that happen to me but with me always working, it might be difficult to do.


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