Who ARE those people??

Last year,  I received a Christmas card from someone with the last name Miller
Nguyen who lived in a city near here.  The Christmas card had a picture
of two kids on it and simply gave their names.  I am sorry but I know
I had never met those kids.  I kept wishing that the sender had put a
photo of the whole family on the card because I suspected that I
probably knew the parents.  A few weeks after Christmas, I threw out
the card.  What do you do with a card from someone you don’t

This year,  I got the same mystery picture Christmas card.  Once
again,  they only put the children in the picture and I was no more
enlightened this year than I was last year about who these kids were. 
But this morning on my way to work,  I am running the over the mystery
of this card in my head – it is a puzzler after all and suddenly the
proverbial light turned on over my head.  I suddenly recognized one of
the names on the card.  It was the real estate agent who sold me my

I’m sorry but sending me a card with kids I have never met 9 or 10 months after I last spoke to you… does not a memory make! 


One response to “Who ARE those people??

  1. That is hilarious! I’ve gotten Christmas cards for people who used to live in my apartment and have kept them just because they were so nice. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    ~ FC

    P.S. I did the "return to sender" thing and tried to find a forwarding address but the senders didn’t get the hint and my landlord didn’t have a forwarding address.

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