Just for Mom….

When we were little, we used to sleep with Mom sometimes.  I think this happened when Dad was on the night shift.  One thing I remember clearly about this was Mom getting after us to lie still.  I guess we were a little wiggly as kids and she had a tough time sleeping. 

I bet that Mom never thought that I would be paid back in full for all those nights we kept her awake!  But rest assured Mom,  I think the payback is coming.  Kelly went to work last night so the kids ended up at our house for the evening while Eduardo looked after them.  I was at work and coming home just as Eduardo was trying to leave with them and pick her up.  I guess Piero loves to read but most of all,  he wants to learn English and wants to be read to IN English.  I gather this can only be accomplished by me and he has asked for me several times to come and read to him over the course of the last several weeks.  Last night,  he was digging his heels in and didn’t want to go home.  He wanted to stay with me and have me read to him.  The decision was made to take him home tomorrow morning.  So Piero and I sat down for a little reading session.  After reading for a bit, he says to me, ‘Ok,  I am ready to go home to Kelly now’.  Apparently, he didn’t understand the consequences of what staying to read meant.  It meant he was going to stay the WHOLE night.  After heading off what looked to be a serious crying session, we went to bed.   He is scared of the dark and started to get upset about being in the bedroom despite having the door open with light shining in.  I suggested he tell me a story to take his mind off of it and I got to listen to a very inventive story about Winnie the Pooh.  Afterwards, he went right to sleep.  He didn’t move a muscle.  I am thinking I have escaped the wiggly kid syndrome….. but the best was yet to come!

At 2:55am,  Piero sits up in bed and says, "el bano"  Off to the bathroom we go. Back to the bed we go.  And my payback started.  I got kicked multiple times over the course of the rest of the night.  So Mom… you can start chuckling about how the sins of my childhood are being visited on me in the form of my step-children.


One response to “Just for Mom….

  1. Andria: 
    Glad to see you have had some paybacks.  Wiggly wasn’t quite the word for you and Mark when you slept with me.  mom

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