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Just twist that knife in

Have you ever had someone close to you (spouse, child, parent, best friend or whoever) say something, perhaps inadvertently, that was so hurtful that it made you feel like they had stabbed you in the heart and left you to bleed out on the side of the road? 

It totally sucks doesn’t it?  *sigh*


The bill says what????

We are
really trying to cut costs in our household. 
We took a beating over Christmas to pay for our little Christmas (and it was little) and
for the kids to move into the area.  Couple
that with some unemployment right at Christmas and our credit card got some
good use.  For most of my life, my credit
card has been paid off in full every month so running a balance on our credit
card means we are getting a little behind.  

One of the
few ways we can cut costs is to pay attention to our grocery bill.  It is hard to cut costs any other way because
we don’t actually spend much outside of household bills.  We have a Netflix rental account and go out
to eat about once a month (for like 20$ – this is not haute cuisine).  We have a pretty lean entertainment
budget.  I keep hearing that using
legumes as the major part of your meal will help cut costs because it is cheap.  This led me to find a recipe for split pea
soup.  How can that not be cheap?  And it was cheap.  4$ for some pork neck bones and another 3 or
4$ for the veggies and peas and we have a cheap supper for the week. So tell me
how I managed to STILL spend 104$ on our grocery bill. 


Sick kids

The kids
were sick this weekend.  We had the joy
of staying up all night off and on Saturday night.  I inadvertently took the first shift because I
deserted our bedroom due to snoring hubby.  I thought the kids might be quieter.  And they were… right up until the two of them
decided they were very sick!  This meant
getting them medication and letting them sleep on you and putting the covers
they kicked off over them a million times. 
We switched in the wee hours of the morning.  For some strange reason, Kylie only wanted
Ana (apparently she can’t pronounce my real name) and refused Eduardo’s
attempts to snuggled with her and make her feel better.  Eventually he brought her into the bedroom
and we slept together.

eventually got over the hump and by the time they went home he was in his usual
‘destroy the stuff animals’ game playing mode. 
Kylie ran a 100 degree temperature the entire day and was super quiet.  She just wanted to be held.  We had a very quiet day and watched some
cartoons and read some books.  Kylie
knows some of her numbers when she sees them which surprised me and makes a
pretty good attempt to count to 10 in Spanish.    

Heath Ledger died

I am so sad to hear that he has died.  He was one of my few favourite actors that I had picked up in my adult life (the other actors I have admired since I was in my teens).  I was surprised to hear that he was only 28.  I actually thought he was a bit older than that.  It’s a shame that he has died so young.  I felt he had so much talent that he could give to the world through his acting.

I think the first movie I ever saw him in (or remembered clearly) that cemented him as a favourite actor was "10 Things I Hate About You"  I really loved him opposite of Julia Stiles.  Last year,  we watched Brokeback Mountain in which I thought he rose to the challenging role with great acting.

I will miss looking forward to your new movies.

The TV in my house only knows English

It can be quite interesting to see the mind of a 5 year old in action.  In Peru,  you get quite a few of the same cartoons you get in the US like Sponge Bob SquarePants and Scooby-doo.  Naturally, because they are being shown in Peru,  they have all been dubbed in Spanish.  Kelly has a lot of these shows on DVD so when he watches them at his house they are in Spanish also.  Piero didn’t know that Sponge Bob spoke English until he got to my house and saw it on Nick.  Nick doesn’t provide alternate audio (we can get some channels in English and Spanish by changing the language) so he has to watch it in English.  For some reason,  this led him to believe that my TV only knows English.  So… fast forward to this weekend.  Piero brings his Shrek DVD with him to watch.  We pop it in and Shrek starts talking in Spanish (its dubbed in Spanish of course).  Piero looks at the TV in surprise and says to us…. I thought it would be in English on your TV!

In some small way,  they remind me that the world used to be magical and I feel transported back into that magical world when I see the wonder that they have for the things around them.  It is sad that to a large degree the world quits being a wondrous place when you become an adult.

Do-over please?

Two weekends ago,  I said something to someone in the presence of someone else.  And no, the person wasn’t eavesdropping.  We were all together in the same room but the statement was simply directed at someone else.  That something was never meant to hurt anyone and I didn’t say it with the intention of hurting anyone.  The person who heard it was hurt by what I said (I found this out through a third party).   The hurt person has said absolutely nothing about being hurt and I feel if I bring it up,  the third party will likely get in trouble for saying something to me.  

But as I found out this weekend,  the hurt person is obviously hurt and is now not talking to me except when absolutely necessary.  You might not even know something was wrong because the person seems friendly when required.  I feel really bad that I hurt this person as I certainly wouldn’t have said what I said if I had any idea that it would have hurt anyone.  On the other hand,  I am a little surprised that the relationship(albeit, a very new friendship) has been totally terminated by this one sentence that I said.

Don’t you wish sometimes that you could get a do-over?

I am going to sound like my Mom in a minute!

If you don’t want to listen to my advice then WHY OH WHY are you asking for it?  Please go away and quit bothering me.  Let me tell you about several different events that have happened recently:

A friend asks me if I know of any medical professional that has X qualities in Y field.  I do some looking around for her but the only person that I come up with ends up unsuitable.  She comes back to me and asks if I have any more ideas.  I tell her that I am tapped out but I refer her to someone that we both know that I think is more in touch with this type of thing.  Every now and again she keeps complaining that she can’t find what she is looking for.  I keep asking her if she has asked this mutual acquaintance.  I really think that she can help.  She tells me a number of times that she hasn’t and then one day responds back saying that the mutual acquaintance doesn’t know anybody (this was at most a month ago?).   Just the other day,  my friend gets back to me and says, Oh I talked to So-and-So and she told me about this person that will work perfectly…. hmmm… interesting that… given that just recently you told me that she didn’t know anybody.  For the love of mercy,  if you aren’t going to take my advice… quit asking me for it and please don’t lie about whether or not you took it.   I’m not offended if you don’t take it (just irritated at times) but I am deeply offended if you lie to me about something so insignificant.

A friend was talking to me about looking for work in a city close to here (we will call it Y).  She is having some problems finding a job. I tell her that I can call Jane Blow, someone I know that is in that industry and she might know someone who is hiring.  She says to me that she would like me to call.  So I call Jane Blow but she can’t help specifically because she doesn’t know too much about companies located in Y but she gives me some advice on what kind of companies (and some names of appropriate national companies that might be located there) are hiring people with her qualifications.  I go back to my friend and tell her that my friend Jane didn’t know of anyone specifically but this is her advice.  The response back was:  those kinds of companies don’t exist in Y.  I told her that I thought it was hard to believe that these types of companies didn’t exist and she should do some investigation based on Jane’s advice.  She simply repeated that she knew they didn’t exist in Y.  Ok….. if you knew the specifics you would know that statement is absolutely false.  Y is not so small that absolutely no companies of that type would exist there.  That is like saying that Y doesn’t have any 7-11s.   Now I don’t know Y that well either so I decided to look on the internet  just to see if the statement was as false as I thought it would be.   I have to admit, there weren’t many choices but I found several appropriate companies.  One of these companies was even one that was recommended by name.  Because I wanted to prove a point (like maybe I was right? – what can I say… I am human after all), I even called this company to see if they were hiring someone with her qualifications and they were.  This took me about 15-30 minutes.  Again…  if you don’t want to take my advice… please just say so but don’t blow me off with whatever crap that springs to your mind.  In fact, it would be better if you simply didn’t waste my time asking me for help in the first place.