Do-over please?

Two weekends ago,  I said something to someone in the presence of someone else.  And no, the person wasn’t eavesdropping.  We were all together in the same room but the statement was simply directed at someone else.  That something was never meant to hurt anyone and I didn’t say it with the intention of hurting anyone.  The person who heard it was hurt by what I said (I found this out through a third party).   The hurt person has said absolutely nothing about being hurt and I feel if I bring it up,  the third party will likely get in trouble for saying something to me.  

But as I found out this weekend,  the hurt person is obviously hurt and is now not talking to me except when absolutely necessary.  You might not even know something was wrong because the person seems friendly when required.  I feel really bad that I hurt this person as I certainly wouldn’t have said what I said if I had any idea that it would have hurt anyone.  On the other hand,  I am a little surprised that the relationship(albeit, a very new friendship) has been totally terminated by this one sentence that I said.

Don’t you wish sometimes that you could get a do-over?


3 responses to “Do-over please?

  1. I am ALWAYS putting my foot in my mouth.  It’s horrible.  I am so embarrassed by the stupid things that come out of my mouth, especially when I am nervous.  I am usually wishing for a do-over!

  2. totally!!!!!

  3. Andrea something I’ve learned over my 57 yrs.
    Confront them. Just say that you have noticed they are different lately ask if it’s something you said.If they will will not say what is the problem, they were not a true friend to begin with.
    Really true friends will talk.

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