The TV in my house only knows English

It can be quite interesting to see the mind of a 5 year old in action.  In Peru,  you get quite a few of the same cartoons you get in the US like Sponge Bob SquarePants and Scooby-doo.  Naturally, because they are being shown in Peru,  they have all been dubbed in Spanish.  Kelly has a lot of these shows on DVD so when he watches them at his house they are in Spanish also.  Piero didn’t know that Sponge Bob spoke English until he got to my house and saw it on Nick.  Nick doesn’t provide alternate audio (we can get some channels in English and Spanish by changing the language) so he has to watch it in English.  For some reason,  this led him to believe that my TV only knows English.  So… fast forward to this weekend.  Piero brings his Shrek DVD with him to watch.  We pop it in and Shrek starts talking in Spanish (its dubbed in Spanish of course).  Piero looks at the TV in surprise and says to us…. I thought it would be in English on your TV!

In some small way,  they remind me that the world used to be magical and I feel transported back into that magical world when I see the wonder that they have for the things around them.  It is sad that to a large degree the world quits being a wondrous place when you become an adult.


2 responses to “The TV in my house only knows English

  1. what an adorable story!
    I just love little ones!

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