Heath Ledger died

I am so sad to hear that he has died.  He was one of my few favourite actors that I had picked up in my adult life (the other actors I have admired since I was in my teens).  I was surprised to hear that he was only 28.  I actually thought he was a bit older than that.  It’s a shame that he has died so young.  I felt he had so much talent that he could give to the world through his acting.

I think the first movie I ever saw him in (or remembered clearly) that cemented him as a favourite actor was "10 Things I Hate About You"  I really loved him opposite of Julia Stiles.  Last year,  we watched Brokeback Mountain in which I thought he rose to the challenging role with great acting.

I will miss looking forward to your new movies.


One response to “Heath Ledger died

  1. I always liked him as an actor, not to mention he was easy on the eyes to watch as well. He will be greatly missed.
    ~ FC

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