Sick kids

The kids
were sick this weekend.  We had the joy
of staying up all night off and on Saturday night.  I inadvertently took the first shift because I
deserted our bedroom due to snoring hubby.  I thought the kids might be quieter.  And they were… right up until the two of them
decided they were very sick!  This meant
getting them medication and letting them sleep on you and putting the covers
they kicked off over them a million times. 
We switched in the wee hours of the morning.  For some strange reason, Kylie only wanted
Ana (apparently she can’t pronounce my real name) and refused Eduardo’s
attempts to snuggled with her and make her feel better.  Eventually he brought her into the bedroom
and we slept together.

eventually got over the hump and by the time they went home he was in his usual
‘destroy the stuff animals’ game playing mode. 
Kylie ran a 100 degree temperature the entire day and was super quiet.  She just wanted to be held.  We had a very quiet day and watched some
cartoons and read some books.  Kylie
knows some of her numbers when she sees them which surprised me and makes a
pretty good attempt to count to 10 in Spanish.    


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