The bill says what????

We are
really trying to cut costs in our household. 
We took a beating over Christmas to pay for our little Christmas (and it was little) and
for the kids to move into the area.  Couple
that with some unemployment right at Christmas and our credit card got some
good use.  For most of my life, my credit
card has been paid off in full every month so running a balance on our credit
card means we are getting a little behind.  

One of the
few ways we can cut costs is to pay attention to our grocery bill.  It is hard to cut costs any other way because
we don’t actually spend much outside of household bills.  We have a Netflix rental account and go out
to eat about once a month (for like 20$ – this is not haute cuisine).  We have a pretty lean entertainment
budget.  I keep hearing that using
legumes as the major part of your meal will help cut costs because it is cheap.  This led me to find a recipe for split pea
soup.  How can that not be cheap?  And it was cheap.  4$ for some pork neck bones and another 3 or
4$ for the veggies and peas and we have a cheap supper for the week. So tell me
how I managed to STILL spend 104$ on our grocery bill. 



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