Please just cut my head off

I am so sick!  I think I picked it up off the kids – meaning some
well-meaning child in kindergarten was likely the culprit.  I will end
up having to a log a sick day in my regular job because I have lost 8
hours of the last two weeks to sleeping.  This cold (or whatever it is)
has hit me with extreme exhaustion.   Not much sinus pain,  no cough, 
a sore throat but being killed by this exhaustion.

My boss tells me to go home to rest… and i will… right after I head
to my second job.  Sick and I still managed to work 55hours a week.  I
wonder if that is preventing me from recovering as fast as I would like
to.  Someone  actually said that perhaps the second job is hurting my
health.  I quickly disabused him of that idea because I don’t need
anyone getting the idea at my main job that my second job is
interfering.   This weekend,  I should be able to rest a bit more than
I did this weekend. 

This weekend was Kylie’s birthday.  I couldn’t sleep Saturday night due
to honey’s snoring.  I got up early on Sunday so I could bake bread and
make our Southwestern bean soup.  This meant I would be free to enjoy
the birthday celebration without worrying about having chores at home
to do.  I even made some cookies with Kylie’s help.  Mostly she watched
the process but she helped me smush them down with the fork and even
tried to help squeeze the baller to drop the cookies out.  I am sure it
took longer but it was definitely more fun.  Afterwards,  we headed out
to Kelly’s for lunch, opening of presents, playing in the park, eating
cake and a bit of supper followed by playing a card game.

I have really noticed a change in Piero in the last couple of weeks. 
He is starting to learn English.  He might not speak any but more and
more he will respond to something you say in English with an
appropriate response in Spanish.  We have read "Green Eggs and Ham" to
him numerous times and he can respond to simple questions about the
book even if he hasn’t heard it for a couple of days.  He can even
relate some of the things in "Green Egg and Ham" which he calls the
"Sam-I-Am" book to other things he sees.  He is a really picky eater so
we have been able to relate this book to his own eating habits.  Once, 
I said something like,  "Remember Sam-I-am?  He tried something he was
sure he would hate and liked it.  So lets try this" and he tried it and
liked it.  After a couple of rather disastrous tries of playing card
games with him,  he dived right into the card game last night and
played quite well.  He won one game and lost two with no outbursts or
anything.  He understood the rules and was able to play without any
help and could correctly determine if he had a card or not.   I was
very impressed.  Kylie is also learning rapidly too.  She can count to
three in English and does a very credible job of repeating words in
English (like colours and numbers).  It is really amazing to watch them


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