I am still sick

I think that has summed up how my week went last week.  I am still sick and am very slowly on the mend.  I think I am working too many hours to really get over this cold quickly.  Thankfully, this week and next, I only have to work 52 hours.  I am taking Valentine’s Day off to spend some time with my honey and I also get President’s Day off.

We had hoped that we could spend all Valentine’s Day together until I had to go to work in the evening.  No such luck.  Kelly asked Eduardo to look after the kids while she goes on a date in the afternoon.   So… I am heading to the doctor’s office in the morning for my annual exam and after that, we are going out to a late breakfast/early lunch.  He will be heading to Kelly’s house to look after the children and I will probably try to do our taxes in the afternoon.

I am hoping that our tax return and the economic stimulus will lift us out of the temporary economic hole that we have gotten ourselves into.  Sorry Bush… but we don’t be stimulating the economy.  I would think that the average person will be using this money to catch up or purchase basic necessities like groceries or rent.  How much will this economic stimulus really stimulate the economy by encouraging new spending?  Give me $5,000 or $10,000 and I will have the money I need to spend a little.  We could buy new windows for the condo with that!  But the money that we will likely receive as a family will be the proverbial drop in the bucket in comparison to our needs.


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