I voted!!

I am really excited to have had the opportunity to vote in a party primary.  Virginia allows you to vote in a single party primary.  You simply tell them at the poll which primary you want to vote in and they set it up for you.  I headed out to the polls this morning before work.   I thought it would be an in-and-out thing like voting for the Congress but unfortunately it wasn’t.  It actually look me 30 minutes to vote this morning which naturally meant I was a little later than expected for work *sigh*  But I exercised my right as an American and voted for a potential future presidential candidate.


2 responses to “I voted!!

  1. Those squares look great.  I bet they took a long time.  I saw something like that in a magazine. . . I might need to go dig that up.

  2. Hey
    Thanks for dropping by as ever…..good for you exercising your right to vote. I have tried to follow the US presidential race from over here in the UK but to be honest, it makes no sense to me whatsoever!! But like with any election, I hope the best man – or Hilary wins – for the future of your country.
    The problem with the provision of defence for offenders is the lengths the lawyers will go to to try and make the jury believe that the crime was not as bad as it seems – sure there has been a lot of public bad feeling about this particular trial but the comments of the lawyer were sickening and not befitting a man who I assume has some intelligence…
    Trust me, I have little understanding of this world either….
    Take care
    Have a good weekend

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