Happy Valentine’s Day

I took yesterday off work to spend some time with my honey (which is why I didn’t post yesterday).  We started the day out by going to the doctor’s office for my annual exam.  We followed that up by heading out for a late breakfast at a little diner called Roadside Diner… or is that Barnside Diner?  Lets just say its a little diner on the side of the road that looks like a barn – hence my confusion!  Side note to Mike:  didn’t taste quite the same but still yummy.  

The bad news is that I spent the afternoon doing my taxes.  The good news is that I spent the afternoon doing my taxes.  It took me forever to do the taxes but I am so glad that I did my taxes because we are receiving beaucoup bucks back from the government.  Kelly signed off on the paperwork to allow us (as the non-custodial parents) to take the deduction for the children this year.  She doesn’t need to do a tax return since she didn’t get her job until January.  I will be doing the good copy this weekend and sending it off!  Hopefully by doing it nice and early,  we will get the money nice and early.  This will definitely allow us to pay off the credit card and maybe even wipe out some other monthly obligations that we had.  Let’s do the happy dance together shall we?

Maybe that economic stimulus will actually  wipe out the rest of our extra monthly obligations and put us back on track financially.  Somehow I doubt that we will be stimulating the economy very much but you can’t please everyone.

Then I headed out to work.  Let’s just say that people were obviously not shopping but instead spending their evening with their loved ones.  Despite the sale starting on Valentine’s Day the store was dead, dead, dead.

And tonight…. I am going to cut some hearts out of construction paper and have the kids colour them for their father.  I asked if he received anything from the kids and he didn’t.  I think that is a little sad so I am going to make sure he gets something.  Now that I think about it,  I should have them do something for their mother too.


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