Kylie’s first word – or phrase in this case

About a week ago,  Kylie spoke her first English ‘sentence’ to me.  She grabbed my hand and said "Come on".  She wanted me to look at Timmie for the millionth time.   It took just a second for me to realize that she probably learned one of the most heard English words that comes out of my mouth.

Come on – get your coats on.
Come on- time to get out of the car.
Come on – your Papa is waiting for you.
Come on – supper is on the table.
Come on – get your boots on

Is it any wonder that she has this phrase down pat?

I also noticed that she uses OK a lot more than she used to.  Another word that I say a lot in front of the kids.  I guess it’s true.  Kids are imitators of the people around them.   I can only hope that I am providing a good example to them.


2 responses to “Kylie’s first word – or phrase in this case

  1. Just be glad her first English is clean…..My daughter wanted to ride the AssHole.
     And pointed at Dumbo…the coined operated ride.
    I haven’t quite figure that out….elephant= asshole?????
    And we were chaparones for the old folks….so not a honeymoon by any means!!

  2. Hey
    Kids are definitely a product of their environment – especially at that age so they will mimic and copy….just be careful not to curse and swear….when my daughter was about 4 she heard me say a four letter word and it was all she would say for two whole days….her teachers were not impressed at all!
    Oh the good old days of napster…..I used to take music from there too and like you, I was always on the lookout for one or two obscure tracks…..the quality wasn’t always great because they had clearly been lifted from a vinyl recording….but always good to hear again.
    I am surprised you didn’t know you could download films off the internet….they are easy enough to find and need just the very basics of technical knowledge to know how to download them and put them onto a DVD. LIke I said in my blog…I know I can find a DVD quality version of all the films that are currently at the UK cinema at the moment….even some that are just released in the US…the question needs to be – how are they getting on the internet? They can only have come from within the industry……but you know who will be persecuted!
    Take care and good to here from you again

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