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A brave little girl

Kylie is a brave little girl.  The infection never went away so we ended up having to pull her dead tooth.  I don’t know why, but Virginia asked me to hold her head while she put in the Novocaine.  I suppose that is because if she needed to say something,  she could speak directly to me rather than having to have me translate for Kelly.  I held her head and Virginia put in the needle.  That little girl screamed and cried but she didn’t move a muscle.  I am glad because I didn’t think I was holding on to her head strong enough to hold her down if she jerked.  It was totally heartbreaking to watch tears fall out of her large brown eyes.  I felt like I was beating a puppy.  Kelly said she wouldn’t have been able to do it and I can understand why.   Virginia started to pry at the tooth to take it out and I had to walk away.  There was no way I could watch that.  Less than 5 minutes later… tooth was out.  You had to laugh a little bit at Kylie with the gauze.  You are suppose to bit down on the gauze and keep the gauze where the tooth was now missing.  She would decide that she didn’t like the gauze where it was and would move it to the other side of her mouth.   Not exactly effective there.

Four hours later,  she was apparently fine when I went to pick them up.  Boy,  they sure bounce back quickly.



Sunday was such a nice day that I decided to walk to the gym to work-out.  Generally, we walk to the gym through a little park which the gym backs onto.  On the way home from the gym,  I heard this really weird bird call and some sounds above me.  I decided to look up into the tree to see what kind of bird was there.  And there was the bird… right above me on the tree.  It was a pileated woodpecker (not that I knew that at the time but I do now thanks to Google).  I decided to watch it because I had never seen such a bird.  The bird was obviously looking for food and started to hop down the tree… that’s right… down the tree… He kept hopping and hopping down the tree until eventually he was at the height of my head then my waist then he decided that the dead tree trunk at the foot of the tree might very well have some yummy critters in it.  He hopped onto the tree trunk and pecked at until he tore off the bark to get the critters beneath.  He did this several times before he flew away.  This bird was not more than 10 or 15 feet away from me while he was on the ground.  It was absolutely incredible.

In case you are interested and want more information:  Pileated Woodpecker

Games for kids

We have no children’s games in our house.  The kids have some games but they are at Kelly’s house.  So they come to our house and drag out a game and want to play it.  Trust me when I say that these games are a little complicated for a 5 year old.  Even Uno is just a bit above his capabilities.  So we take the Uno game, strip out the special cards (like Draw 2 and Wild cards) and play it like Go Fish.  We tried to just play Uno but he didn’t quite get the whole putting a card on the pile concept.  The benefit of this is that he gets to practice saying and hearing the numbers in English.

The latest conversion is to Clue.  Indeed, we managed to figure out how to make it easy enough for a five year old.  We take the character cards, shuffle them and everyone gets to pick a card.  That is their character and those cards get laid aside.   We then take all the room cards,  shuffle them and pick one.  This is the room in which all the characters start.  That card gets laid aside.  We then take all the rest of the characters and the weapons and spread them throughout the rooms.  We take all the cards and shuffle them, putting them in a pile in the center of the board.  The first card gets put face up.  All the characters must then race to the room which contains the item (or the room itself).  The first person who gets to the room gets the card.  The person with the most cards wins.

And that is how you take adult games and turn them into kids games.

Just letting you know

Apparently,  a made bed is the way to my heart.  Every day for the last week,  Eduardo has made the bed and every day without fail when I go into the bedroom to go to bed… that made bed makes me smile and get that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Our electronics are possessed

I don’t remember how long ago I bought my TV.  It is getting a little on the old side.  This TV has been crappy ever since I bought it.  Within the first year,  we took it in for repair under warranty because it lost its audio.  With some regularity it loses it audio.  Each and every time it loses it’s audio,  I call up Mike and have him explain how I get audio out of the old (and no longer used) surround sound system that came with the old DVD player.  He explains over the phone how to do and I perform it.  He really is quite good at this and it impresses me every time.  This time,  we are simply leaving the set-up in place.  I have noticed that each time I lose audio,  the loss is for a shorter and shorter time.  We lost audio on Friday and I think we got it back by Wednesday.   I think the TV is finally realizing that it isn’t inconveniencing me so there is really no point pretending it is broke.  We even ignore the purple and green stripe that shows up on the sides of the TV. 

And then there is the DVD player…. it is about 3 years old and acting up already!  You can only insert one DVD each time you turn it on.  If you pop out the first DVD and put in another,  it will simply eject the DVD.  You have to put in the second one, close the door and then quickly turn off the DVD player while the DVD is inside.  When you turn on the DVD player,  it loads up the new DVD.

And did you know that if you put the phone by the clock radio in the bedroom that within about 5 minutes it will cause the clock radio to make a strange noise like it is shorting out?  It makes that noise just one time and you never hear it again for the rest of the night.  Weird huh?

Thought of the day

As the wise person once said, it’s best not to mud-wrestle with a pig.
You’re getting yourself filthy and just making the pig happy.

This was in response to whether or not you should be polite or rude in the face of someone else’s insensitive, intrusive or rude comment.

Step-kids – perhaps my perfect family

For the longest time,  I never wanted kids.  Then I wanted kids for a couple of years and now I am on the fence.  At this point in my life,  the decision has likely already been made for me as my biological clock has probably stopped ticking.   I am back on the fence because of my step-children.  And no… they are not terrible kids although a good percentage of the time I would like to clock Piero.   He can be a very disrespectful child and ended up in time-out twice on Friday for telling me to shut-up.   He almost made it to timeout a third time for generally being disrespectful.  It is moments like that when I am glad that the kids get picked up by their mother at the end of the night.  But when Piero is not busy being a pain in the ass he is very friendly and talkative and generally a good kid.   I generally enjoy spending time with the kids and am doing things that I thought I would never do like share my fork with Kylie while she eats off my plate at the church lunch.   She likes to curl up with me and I like to hold her in her quiet moments. 

I guess after 40 years of living without kids,  I am happy to have time to myself without having to worry about what the kids are doing or supervising them.  A luxury that full-time parents are not afforded.   I suppose what I am saying is that perhaps I have ended up with my perfect family.  I have the opportunity to enjoy being with and helping raise children but at the end of the day,  I don’t have to give up my personal space either.