Our electronics are possessed

I don’t remember how long ago I bought my TV.  It is getting a little on the old side.  This TV has been crappy ever since I bought it.  Within the first year,  we took it in for repair under warranty because it lost its audio.  With some regularity it loses it audio.  Each and every time it loses it’s audio,  I call up Mike and have him explain how I get audio out of the old (and no longer used) surround sound system that came with the old DVD player.  He explains over the phone how to do and I perform it.  He really is quite good at this and it impresses me every time.  This time,  we are simply leaving the set-up in place.  I have noticed that each time I lose audio,  the loss is for a shorter and shorter time.  We lost audio on Friday and I think we got it back by Wednesday.   I think the TV is finally realizing that it isn’t inconveniencing me so there is really no point pretending it is broke.  We even ignore the purple and green stripe that shows up on the sides of the TV. 

And then there is the DVD player…. it is about 3 years old and acting up already!  You can only insert one DVD each time you turn it on.  If you pop out the first DVD and put in another,  it will simply eject the DVD.  You have to put in the second one, close the door and then quickly turn off the DVD player while the DVD is inside.  When you turn on the DVD player,  it loads up the new DVD.

And did you know that if you put the phone by the clock radio in the bedroom that within about 5 minutes it will cause the clock radio to make a strange noise like it is shorting out?  It makes that noise just one time and you never hear it again for the rest of the night.  Weird huh?


4 responses to “Our electronics are possessed

  1. I think that they are chipped with a "blowup chip" and when the time is right the damn thing blows up. I really believe it about PCs!! You think about it!!

  2. is it a cell phone? cause mine makes all speakers sound like hellicopters…
    *~* :o) everyone smiles in the same language… :o) *~*

  3. Did I just have de ja vue or have you written about your possessed electronics before?
    Maybe it is because of your MAGNETIC personality!  😛
    I’m with Hightower… they engineer them for certain "life spans"… I swear that is why my previous car started acting up right after the warranty expired!

  4. Hey
    Interesting……most of the electrical appliances in my house have a mind of their own……their favourite trick is to completely pack up days after the warranty expires…..but I got my revenge. I learned some facts about the UK’s Sale of Goods Act which clearly states certain articles are still the resposibility of the manufacturer even after the waranty has ended………reasonable expectation of wear and tear…….they seem to be behaving themselves now.
    So you felt my story took an unexpected turn? You would soon get bored if it didn’t
    Have a good week
    Pete X

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