Games for kids

We have no children’s games in our house.  The kids have some games but they are at Kelly’s house.  So they come to our house and drag out a game and want to play it.  Trust me when I say that these games are a little complicated for a 5 year old.  Even Uno is just a bit above his capabilities.  So we take the Uno game, strip out the special cards (like Draw 2 and Wild cards) and play it like Go Fish.  We tried to just play Uno but he didn’t quite get the whole putting a card on the pile concept.  The benefit of this is that he gets to practice saying and hearing the numbers in English.

The latest conversion is to Clue.  Indeed, we managed to figure out how to make it easy enough for a five year old.  We take the character cards, shuffle them and everyone gets to pick a card.  That is their character and those cards get laid aside.   We then take all the room cards,  shuffle them and pick one.  This is the room in which all the characters start.  That card gets laid aside.  We then take all the rest of the characters and the weapons and spread them throughout the rooms.  We take all the cards and shuffle them, putting them in a pile in the center of the board.  The first card gets put face up.  All the characters must then race to the room which contains the item (or the room itself).  The first person who gets to the room gets the card.  The person with the most cards wins.

And that is how you take adult games and turn them into kids games.


4 responses to “Games for kids

  1. i will have to remember those tips…
    *~* :o) everyone smiles in the same language… :o) *~*

  2. Hey
    Good old kids games…..ironically for me, one of the many factors in life that are now missing leaving kids not to develop a sense of imagination and initative.
    To be quite frank with you Billie, I agree – these kids knew what they were doing and they knew it was wrong – surely thats the attraction isn’t it? I find it hard to believe that our judicial system cannot accept that these kids didn’t know what they were doing was wrong – simply too limp wristed to administer a more suitable punishment……
    Thanks for dropping by as ever and keep enjoying those games and encourage your step sons creative thinking
    Take care
    Pete  X

  3. Maybe if you had a deck of cards you could just play Go Fish?  Or war?  Those seem pretty easy.

  4. Okay, I’m confused! Now that you’ve simplified those games for a 5-year old, think you could make them simple enough for me? hahahahha
    You can get a deck of cards for fifty cents at the dollar store, and they have games/puzzles pretty cheap.

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