A brave little girl

Kylie is a brave little girl.  The infection never went away so we ended up having to pull her dead tooth.  I don’t know why, but Virginia asked me to hold her head while she put in the Novocaine.  I suppose that is because if she needed to say something,  she could speak directly to me rather than having to have me translate for Kelly.  I held her head and Virginia put in the needle.  That little girl screamed and cried but she didn’t move a muscle.  I am glad because I didn’t think I was holding on to her head strong enough to hold her down if she jerked.  It was totally heartbreaking to watch tears fall out of her large brown eyes.  I felt like I was beating a puppy.  Kelly said she wouldn’t have been able to do it and I can understand why.   Virginia started to pry at the tooth to take it out and I had to walk away.  There was no way I could watch that.  Less than 5 minutes later… tooth was out.  You had to laugh a little bit at Kylie with the gauze.  You are suppose to bit down on the gauze and keep the gauze where the tooth was now missing.  She would decide that she didn’t like the gauze where it was and would move it to the other side of her mouth.   Not exactly effective there.

Four hours later,  she was apparently fine when I went to pick them up.  Boy,  they sure bounce back quickly.


3 responses to “A brave little girl

  1. Shots in the gums are the worst.  I don’t know why they ask you to hold down your own kid.  They do that to me when Charlie’s getting CT scans and then complain that I’m not doing a good enough job–what am I, a cop?
    I hope they gave her some laughing gas or somthing.

  2. well i think she did great…and it’s good to hear that she is doing much better…sorry that you had to help her be in pain…that part sucks….
    *~* :o) a smile is a universal welcome… :o) *~*

  3. Oh that poor baby!  😦
    She was brave, though, and hopefully it won’t give her any more problems.
    Hugs to you and the kiddos!

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