Monthly Archives: April 2008

My confession

At work yesterday,  we had our quarterly review for the company which involves being served (or rather serving ourselves) a continental breakfast.

I used tongs to pick up some slices of melon but then used my fingers to pick up two strawberries.  I then used tongs to pick up a pastry and then used my fingers to pick up a bagel.   Because you don’t know the context of how the food is served you probably can’t see the pattern.  If I could pick up something without touching anything else, I did use my fingers.  If I couldn’t pick it up without touching someone else,  I used my tongs.  After all,  who wants to eat the food after someone else touched it.  I saw the granola and was curious what it tasted like but didn’t want to actually take any.  Some of the granola is in large lumps that you can pick up without touching anything so I picked up one lump.  Somebody saw me pick it up and told me how totally nasty it was that I would do something like that when a spoon was right there.  I responded back that I didn’t dig around in it,  I simply picked up this lump without touching anything else.  He basically reiterated how nasty and gross I was being.  I was feeling pretty socially stupid at this point.  I have seen plenty of people use their fingers in my lifetime when there was no risk of touching anything else but I definitely won’t make this social faux pas again.  What really upset me is that this co-worker went into the main room and announced to other co-workers what I had done.  I felt totally humiliated.  Wasn’t it enough to yell at me in front of the people that were in the lunch room?  Did you really need to tell the whole company what I had done?

Something funny (or at least I thought it was funny) that was said to me was… "Why would you do this when you have kids?"  If anything… kids teach you an even higher level of tolerance to other people’s germs.  I can’t say that I ever imagined I would eat off of a spoon that another person had put their lips to and yet… we often share utensils. If you want to make the case that you should never touch food that others might eat, don’t bring their kids into the discussion.  They don’t help you make the case.


My cat is sooooo fat that…

when she jumped up on the couch,  she landed on my glasses and broke them.  It’s true!  I am back to wearing contacts.

The week in update

This has been a very busy and good week for us.

Eduardo has been trying to get a job as an electrician’s helper in an effort to start on the path of becoming an electrician.  This has been a tough nut to crack as everybody is telling him he needs experience to get a job.  Obviously,  if you can’t get a job, you can’t get experience and you are shut out.  We decided to try a different route and he applied for an apprenticeship program through the Electrician’s Union.  I gather we set our sights high and he applied for the toughest program to get into.  He impressed one of the interviewers so much that he gave Eduardo his business card and told him he had a job for him.  We have since learned that Eduardo has scored very high in the interview but to get into this apprenticeship program you usually need… EXPERIENCE!!! ARGH!!!!  We are still awaiting the final decision.  This gentleman has told Eduardo to join another program in the union that is easier to get into although it doesn’t seem to end with getting your journeyman papers.  He will then call the union and ask specifically for Eduardo and he gets a job within that apprenticeship program.   The end result is that he gets a job as an electrician’s helper and if everything works out,  this gentleman will write a personal letter of recommendation to the union to help him get into the other program.  I know… all very complicated but we are grateful that someone has finally seen the potential in Eduardo and is willing to give him a chance.  And the good news is that if everything works out,  I should be able to drop a shift from my second job.  Yippee!

I have gone away for a number of years on Memorial Day weekend.  I asked for a day off from my part-time job so I could go away overnight and was denied – why?  because it is a sale date and they don’t give time off during sales… except that I know of several people that have taken time off during sale dates.  I am not happy and am desperately trying to find someone to take my shift.  Hopefully,  it will be a part-timer.  If it is a full-timer,  I will need to do a shift switch meaning I will be working 12 days in a row.  By the time Memorial Day rolls around,  I will be totally exhausted.  I switched with a girl this weekend and am starting to wish I hadn’t.  I didn’t realize that it would mean that I would be working 7 days in a row.  Not exactly on my list of things to do.

I am free

Kelly is sick so she isn’t going to work.  I have to head down to Manassas to pick up a prescription for me and to pick up Eduardo’s food and I am free for the evening.  This is so unexpected that I am not sure what I am going to do!

I am boring

A friend said to me last night… "When I look back to when I worked 50+ hours a week as a nanny,  I can’t believe I ever did it. But I know how I did it.  I didn’t have a life."  That is so me.  I have discovered that I have very few opinions on a lot of topics because I have no time to read, do things or otherwise interact in the world.  If you don’t interact,  you don’t have a lot to talk about.  I feel like I have turned into a bump on a log.

Hopefully that will change soon.

I am alive and back to work

I don’t blog from home for a variety of reasons so haven’t been able to update my space.

That’s right… I ended up very sick and didn’t go to work Thursday or Friday.  I am back to where I was on Tuesday – cough and congested chest.

Please let me go back to bed

I have taken a turn for the worse this week.  I took Monday off (a week ago) because I had come down with a cold.  I had a very slow recovery over the week and did my best to rest on Sunday.  I felt like I was still moving forward in the recovery process this week but it took a turn for the worse last night.  I could not stop coughing.  Eduardo ended up sleeping on the couch last night to ensure that I didn’t keep him up all night.  I came into work late today and I hurt all over.  It is actually painful to sit in the office.

My bed is calling… I hear it…