How do you punish one child without punishing the other?

On Friday,  I told Piero and Kylie that we could go to the park after work.  I have absolutely no problems with going to the park because it means they are usually quiet in the house later on.  I am definitely starting to appreciate quiet and would almost kill for it at times.

But when I found out that Piero was a little hard to wake up,  I told Kylie that going to the park was going to depend on Piero.  And true to form,  as I unsnapped his seat belt,  Piero turned his back on me, gave one of those dismissive sounds (as in complaining) and curled up into a ball when I asked him if he wanted to go to the park.   To me,  this is a "No".  He says he didn’t say no and I honestly don’t remember but turning your back on me in the manner that he did it was definitely a "I don’t want to".  I said,  ‘That’s fine.  Then we are going to go home’.  As soon as I buckled up his seat belt he started crying because he wanted to go to the park.  I told him that actions have consequences and these were the consequences to those actions.  He told Kelly and Eduardo that he wasn’t turning his back on me.  He simply wanted to look at the other side.  Ummm.. yeah… but you couldn’t actually see out of the car from your position.  So he called me a liar to Kelly and Eduardo.  Thankfully,  they seem to believe me.

The problem is that Kylie also really wanted to go the park and was pretty upset that she couldn’t go.  But what do you do?  I can’t be at home with Piero and in the park with Kylie.  Is there some way I could have made it up to Kylie?  If I had of given her a treat… Piero would have freaked.   Trust me… I gave her a piece of bread to tide her over until he finished watching his movie and he was upset that he didn’t get a piece.  ARGH!!!!

So how do you punish a child without punishing both of them?


One response to “Punishment

  1. i don’t know…but when you find out let me know…i know i am working on #1 right now but you can never know too much right?!?
    *~* :o) most smiles are started by another smile… :o) *~*

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