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The is the number of visits my little blog has had since I started it almost three years ago.  I realize that a certain number of those hits are RSS hits but even if a small fraction of those hits are real people reading… Wow!

The blog entries that show up over and over again in my statistics are:
The House on Mango Street
Spider Bites and Things
The Sagittarius Child

I also get tons of hits on people looking for what I presume is relationship advice.  Boy guys,  I wish I could give it to you but I am stumbling along myself in the relationship department.  I can only hope that my stumbles help you in some small way to resolve your own difficulties.


Weekend sucked

I might as well of worked on Saturday for all of the enjoyment I got out of Saturday.  Eduardo was in one of his moods which basically meant that he ignored me for the day.  That attitude didn’t change until he got his kids.  Suddenly he went from sad to happy.  Thank you for making me feel like I have any meaning in your life whatsoever.  Sunday, Piero was a total brat.  If he doesn’t get what he wants when he wants he starts crying and carrying on.  You would think he was 2 instead of almost 6.  Even his sister is more mature than he is.  After the kids got dropped off,  Eduardo and I were talking about Piero’s behaviour.  He can’t understand why Piero is like that.  On Monday, I finally told him why I think Piero is the way he is – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  The only difference is that Piero is a child and reacts like a child rather than as somewhat childish adult.  And then Monday was another total write-off.  We spend over 3 hours in Home Depot looking for the tools that he needed.  I had no idea we were taking that long and I still had to cook before I went to work.  I wasn’t going to be able to take the banana bread out of the oven before I started work.  When I asked him to leave 15 minutes later for Manassas you would have thought that the world had ended.  No problems asking me to do.. do … do… but when it comes time for him to help me out…. sure can’t do that.

As you can see… my weekend totally sucked and I am more tired now than when I went into my weekend with anticipation of spending some time with my husband.  Sure…I spend time with him but time that I now wish I could take back because it sure wasn’t enjoyable.

Justice for all

I shall apologize in advance for not writing much.  I seriously don’t have much of a life these days outside of work.

But lets move on to the real topic – injustice.  I have a highly developed sense of justice.  When I perceive something as unjust – let’s be honest, especially when that injustice concerns me – I get pretty riled up.  And so today,  I am still riled up from something that happened yesterday.

Every year for the last 7 or 8 years,  I have gone away for Memorial Day.  Eduardo and I also thought we might like to go away for Memorial Day with the kids so I put in a request for a day off for the Saturday.  It was denied.  Why?  Because no requests for time off are allowed during sales unless you find someone to fill in for you.  I asked, begged,  I pleaded absolutely everyone in the store that didn’t already work Saturday if they would take on my shift.  I even offered to switch although that would have required me to work 12 consecutive days.  After talking to all but one person,  I finally found someone to take my shift.  Problem solved.  Naturally,  Kelly decided that she didn’t want to let us take the kids two hours away so we are actually going nowhere but that is a different issue.

So last night,  a co-worker asks me who I got to fill in for her.  She wanted to ask her if she could switch Saturday for Sunday.  She would work my Saturday shift if that person would take her Sunday shift.  I didn’t have her phone number so I suggested she talk to a manager who was personal friends with this other person.  I don’t know who she spoke to but the next thing that happens is that the co-worker comes back to me and says she doesn’t need to find someone to fill in for her.  She was told they had enough workers on the floor because all managers work on the sale weekends.  This was actually the same thing that was told to me when I asked if it was possible to get a sale weekend off and I was told I could.  

But apparently… only some people can take advantage of this sale scheduling and I am not one of them.  Next time,  I will just call in sick.  If you want to make everyone follow the same rules then I will give you the courtesy of following those rules.  But if only some of us have to be inconvenienced with the rules then I don’t have a problem if that inconvenience falls on you.

Do you know anything about the country you live in?

I found this in a blog: Traveler IQ

It is a game that tests you on your knowledge of different parts of the world.  I started with Canada which is where I am from.  I did fine on Canada overall.  I rocked in Ontario which is where I am from.  Then they moved on to Quebec.  I blew it.  I think it is very telling that I blew it in Quebec because I suspect that a fair number of people from English Canada would have died on their knowledge of Quebec.  I know lots about provinces much further away like Alberta or British Columbia but know very little about the province right next door.

I then tested my knowledge of USA all by itself and also made it to level 4.  Next was North America which included Canada, US and Mexico.  I got to level 5.  I think I made it a little further because I knew something about the US which offset my total lack of knowledge of Quebec.

And then I decided to test what I learned from my 6 or 7 years of schooling as I went for my Latin American Studies Certificate.  Apparently I was listening in class because I  got all the way up to the 9th level.  Sadly,  I know more about Central and South America than I know about the countries in which I have citizenship.

Tell me how you did.

What? No park?

Last week,  I discovered that they have closed our local park for renovations.  I have no idea what they are doing but it also means that the playground that we normally take the kids to is also shut down.  This is disappointing because this playground is considerably better than the next closest choice.  This playground always has children in it.  I can’t believe they couldn’t have somehow found some way of keeping the playground open while they worked on the rest of the park.

I am sad

In the last 5 days,  I have been saddened by some of the things that I have been thinking about.  Someone did something on Friday that just ripped my heart out.  It wasn’t a big something but it was enough of something that after everything was said and done it hurt me immensely.  They have since provided an excuse (or if I was being more charitable as I wrote this – a reason) for their behaviour.  So potentially,  I am blowing this whole thing out of proportion.  Maybe I am… maybe I am not.  What I know is that it has brought up other things from the past that were hurtful.  My mind is compiling this list of little things that have happened.  Each one on its own is not a big thing but together they add up.  What they add up to is not a very happy conclusion.   As a result, I am slowly coming to the conclusion that what they did on Friday was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  I no longer trust this person to have anyone’s best interest at heart except their own.

If this was a co-worker like the one I blogged about last week – who would care?  I would simply walk away.  Unfortunately,  this person is near and dear to me.  I am one to give chance  upon chance to someone to change their behaviour but I think this person is running out of chances… or at least I am running out of patience.  It saddens me that this relationship will potentially terminate because they do not value me in their life and no amount of anything has made an impact on their behaviour towards me.