The is the number of visits my little blog has had since I started it almost three years ago.  I realize that a certain number of those hits are RSS hits but even if a small fraction of those hits are real people reading… Wow!

The blog entries that show up over and over again in my statistics are:
The House on Mango Street
Spider Bites and Things
The Sagittarius Child

I also get tons of hits on people looking for what I presume is relationship advice.  Boy guys,  I wish I could give it to you but I am stumbling along myself in the relationship department.  I can only hope that my stumbles help you in some small way to resolve your own difficulties.


3 responses to “25007

  1. The links do not work.
    Every hit counts!! Try adding StatCounter and see if that helps in finding out who’s lurkin’!

  2. Thanks for thinking of me! I’m hoping for another win tomorrow night!
    Congrats on the hits!Hug,~ FC

  3. I used to get one hit a day for "barnyard sex"  Hello!  Perverts!  Stay away from my blog.  Notice I ddint’ use the barnyard on my new blog.

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