Monthly Archives: June 2008

Short but relaxing

As always… Sunday is simply too short to be considered a weekend.  But it was somewhat relaxing.  We got up and went to the gym and I got all my cooking done while Eduardo took Kelly to her second job interview/training.  After I got all my chores done,  I sat down to watch a movie called 300.  It is an excellent movie and I would highly recommend it.  For the rest of the afternoon and the evening,  we sat down and tried to get his homework done for his apprenticeship boot camp.   Already,  his ability to process what he is reading and answering questions is improving.  I sure hope so because I didn’t sign up for the apprenticeship program and have no desire to extensively help him for 5 years with his homework.

One of our biggest constraints in the homework department is the children.  As can be expected,  it is very difficult to get homework done with the shrieking(and I use this word in the nicest possible way) of children in the background.  Hopefully Kelly’s job will result in them not spending quite so much time at our place so he can concentrate on homework. 


What our children think of us

Piero and Eduardo can be very similar.  One way in which they are similar is that they are not happy-go-lucky people.  They are often what I would consider to be grouchy .   I am certainly not the only one to notice this so I know it is not a frustrated wife/step-mother thing.  One of the things that we are trying to do is improve Piero’s disposition.  None of us want him to be always unhappy and whining about things that he doesn’t get when he wants to get it.  One of the things that Eduardo does to instill a bit of silliness into it is to ask Piero how Papa acts when he is being ‘renegando’.  I put this word into the blog into its original form because that is the word used.  I know what it means but I am not 100% sure what the most accurate English translation is.  I would say it is something like grouchy or being in a bad mood.  When Eduardo asks that,  Piero puts on a silly show of how Eduardo is ‘renegando’.  Last night, Eduardo took it one step further and asked Piero how I acted when I was ‘renegando’.  He looked at me, he looked at Papa and he said, ‘I don’t know.  She isn’t like that.’  I was  happy that he never saw that side of me.  And it is not because I am perfect.  I think generally I am fairly happy-go-lucky but when I am busy wishing the kids away – I mostly try to hide it.  Do the kids really need to know that I just wish – for that one night – that I had it to myself? Not really… they need to be growing up secure that they are loved and wanted.  And being secure does not mean that all is nice with Second Mommy.  Believe me,  I get after them when they are doing something that I don’t approve of.  But apparently,  disciplining and ‘renegando’ are seen as entirely two different things by Piero.

But at the end of the day?  I felt sad that Piero saw that side of his father enough that he was playacting it.  He should be looking at Papa and saying the same thing he says about me.  "He isn’t like that."

Go Fish

Go Fish is the favourite game in our house.  I picked up the card game in San Diego and Piero requests that we play it every day.  After a few weeks of playing it every day,  Kylie has insisted on joining in on the game.  Just by listening to us,  she has the basics down.  If you don’t have a card,  you say Go Fish.  If someone says Go Fish to you,  you pick up a card.

It is very interesting to see Kylie learn to play the game after watching Piero go through the same process.  You get insight into how little kids’ minds work.  When I ask Kylie which card she wants to ask about she always, always picks the card on the right hand side.   If I was to leave the same card  in the right most position,  she would ask about that card over and over again.  This is much like how Piero played.  He started by asking the same person for the same card, turn after turn.  A turning point was when he started to ask about random cards and the second turning point was when he started to ask the person for the card they had just asked about.  Now,  he remembers who asks what and if he should pick up a frog from the pick-up pile,  he can remember that Papa or I asked for a frog like 6 turns ago.  Piero had a lot of problems  figuring out if he had something (with the other game of Go Fish that is now at Kelly’s house) and we would often have to show him the card .  Kylie is exactly the same way.  If you ask her if she has something,  she will always say no.  But if you show her the picture,  she can pick out the match even though the pictures are not identical.  The cards come in baby/mother uppercase/lowercase letter pairs so a small child probably needs to process whether or not the animals are the same.  Let’s just say that I will probably be losing a whole lot of Go Fish games now that Kylie is my partner.  I think it will be a little while before Kylie understands the game well enough to be holding her own hand of cards.

As Piero masters each step in the game,  we work on the next step.  The next step at this moment is teaching him that his cards are secret.  He no longer tells us the cards in his hands(he _just_ learned that) but we still have some problems with him holding his cards such that ANYONE can see what is in his hand.

As a long time adult with very little exposure to children,  it is interesting to watch what must be learned.  After all… I don’t remember anymore that I didn’t know how to hold my cards.  To me it is a skill that would seem to be as natural as knowing how to breathe.

Part monkey… part fish

The swimming pool opened Memorial Day weekend.  We have gone most days to the pool.  We started out with both children clinging to us for dear life.  About a week into this experience,  Piero discovered he could touch the bottom of the shallow end.  His clinging days to Papa ended and a few days after that,  he discovered he could ‘swim’ around on his own.  I say that in quotes because he wears a life jacket which I am sure helps alot.

Kylie might be able to touch the bottom but it is hard to tell because if you try to get her to step off the last step,  she curls up into a ball and clings to you for dear life.  For the last month,  this little girl has clung to me in the swimming pool.  I swear she is part monkey with the way she can grip you with her legs, arms, fingers or any other body part that she manages to use to ensure that she is not separated from you in any way shape or form.   I have been spending the last several weeks trying to convince Kylie that death is not imminent if she isn’t attached like a little leech to me.   And last night… I finally succeeded.  It was magical.  It was actually something we had tried before.  We were taking these noodles and having Kylie grab on to them and keeping them sort of under her chest.  These would hopefully get her oriented in the horizontal position.  She doesn’t have good control over her body and would often end up tipping over backwards when attempting to get her to swim/float on her own.  But up until last night,  one hand would be grabbed onto to the noodles and the other hand would be attached to whatever piece of my body she could latch on to.  After two weeks of telling her to let go of me,  she finally let go of me for more than 2 seconds and discovered that the world had not ended.  She was still afloat.  A few kicks of her legs and she discovered that she could move!  Twenty minutes later?  She was pulling my hands off the noodles when I had the nerve to actually touch them to drag her closer to the steps to leave the pool.

Mission accomplished.  I have the turned the monkey into a fish.

Weird huh?

I belong to a book club that provides me with 4 books every month.  So I grab the book Touching Stars by Emilie Richards and while I am in the middle of reading it,  I realize that the quilt on the cover looks familiar.  Upon closer examine,  I realize that the quilt on the cover is sitting on my bed… right down to the actual fabrics used.  Now is that weird or what?

My Mosiac

Help me understand this…

Since Tuesday,  it has come to my attention that I am not receiving most of my phone calls.  I will get VM when I am sitting right next to my phone and Eduardo will often say,  I called you X number of times.  Why didn’t you answer?  Because my phone isn’t registering that I even have an incoming call?  Yet,  I have no problems making outbound calls.  Does this make sense to you?

So last night,  I called Eduardo and another friend and asked them to call me back.  Neither of them could reach me despite the fact that I was able to call outbound.  WTF?

So today I head to TMobile to look into getting a new phone.  According to them,  the problem is not the phone but the service area.  Although there is about 12 to 15 miles (as the crow flies) between work and my house,  they say they have service issues in that entire area which is making phone calls intermittent.  I am just not sure if I buy that.  I can always, always call out but am unable to receive what appears to be the bulk of my calls inbound.  This is really frustrating to me.

My big toe

I took a chuck of skin off my toe two weeks ago today.  It didn’t seem like a big deal but after working for 8 hours on Saturday,  I came home to find my toe bleeding and red and swollen.  And that has been the start of the infected toe saga.  On Monday and Tuesday in San Diego,  I was hopping around after the client because I could barely walk.  Then it got better and seemed to be continually getting better until I decided to go to the gym on Sunday and put on a pair of shoes.  And then it started all over again so I was once again hobbling around yesterday despite already starting the antibiotics prescribed to me.  Today… big and red and swollen but it seems I can once again walk.