What does your mosaic tell you?

Ms. Hightower decided to do a mosaic also.  You can find her under my Southern Attitude link in Sights to See.  I had to check it out to see what it had to say about her.  And her mosaic was red.  I can see that because she a red-hot grandmomma!  BurbanMom’s was also colourful and when I checked out some other mosaics, they too were colourful.  How is it that mine ended up looking colourless?   It certainly isn’t because I don’t like colour because I do.  I love colour!  But yet,  when I picked the best picture for each of these separate questions,  I ended up picking these subtly toned pictures.   I wonder what that says about me.

3 responses to “What does your mosaic tell you?

  1. Check mine out, I did one too. It was a lot of fun! ~ FC

  2. Yes I’d say peaceful too.

  3. I saved the mosiac picture after it was created to my computer. Then when I uploaded it that was what it gave me. I hope that helps.~ FC

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