My big toe

I took a chuck of skin off my toe two weeks ago today.  It didn’t seem like a big deal but after working for 8 hours on Saturday,  I came home to find my toe bleeding and red and swollen.  And that has been the start of the infected toe saga.  On Monday and Tuesday in San Diego,  I was hopping around after the client because I could barely walk.  Then it got better and seemed to be continually getting better until I decided to go to the gym on Sunday and put on a pair of shoes.  And then it started all over again so I was once again hobbling around yesterday despite already starting the antibiotics prescribed to me.  Today… big and red and swollen but it seems I can once again walk.

2 responses to “My big toe

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your toe. I hope it gets better soon.~ FC

  2. Oh hon!  I hope it gets better soon! 
    Hugs, Jen

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