Help me understand this…

Since Tuesday,  it has come to my attention that I am not receiving most of my phone calls.  I will get VM when I am sitting right next to my phone and Eduardo will often say,  I called you X number of times.  Why didn’t you answer?  Because my phone isn’t registering that I even have an incoming call?  Yet,  I have no problems making outbound calls.  Does this make sense to you?

So last night,  I called Eduardo and another friend and asked them to call me back.  Neither of them could reach me despite the fact that I was able to call outbound.  WTF?

So today I head to TMobile to look into getting a new phone.  According to them,  the problem is not the phone but the service area.  Although there is about 12 to 15 miles (as the crow flies) between work and my house,  they say they have service issues in that entire area which is making phone calls intermittent.  I am just not sure if I buy that.  I can always, always call out but am unable to receive what appears to be the bulk of my calls inbound.  This is really frustrating to me.


2 responses to “Help me understand this…

  1. No clue!
    But my phone doesn’t work in some buildings….the structure is built to repel my calls and all rock and roll stations. I don’t work there any more!!

  2. Technology is a mysterious thing…. trust me, I know!
    ~ FC

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