Part monkey… part fish

The swimming pool opened Memorial Day weekend.  We have gone most days to the pool.  We started out with both children clinging to us for dear life.  About a week into this experience,  Piero discovered he could touch the bottom of the shallow end.  His clinging days to Papa ended and a few days after that,  he discovered he could ‘swim’ around on his own.  I say that in quotes because he wears a life jacket which I am sure helps alot.

Kylie might be able to touch the bottom but it is hard to tell because if you try to get her to step off the last step,  she curls up into a ball and clings to you for dear life.  For the last month,  this little girl has clung to me in the swimming pool.  I swear she is part monkey with the way she can grip you with her legs, arms, fingers or any other body part that she manages to use to ensure that she is not separated from you in any way shape or form.   I have been spending the last several weeks trying to convince Kylie that death is not imminent if she isn’t attached like a little leech to me.   And last night… I finally succeeded.  It was magical.  It was actually something we had tried before.  We were taking these noodles and having Kylie grab on to them and keeping them sort of under her chest.  These would hopefully get her oriented in the horizontal position.  She doesn’t have good control over her body and would often end up tipping over backwards when attempting to get her to swim/float on her own.  But up until last night,  one hand would be grabbed onto to the noodles and the other hand would be attached to whatever piece of my body she could latch on to.  After two weeks of telling her to let go of me,  she finally let go of me for more than 2 seconds and discovered that the world had not ended.  She was still afloat.  A few kicks of her legs and she discovered that she could move!  Twenty minutes later?  She was pulling my hands off the noodles when I had the nerve to actually touch them to drag her closer to the steps to leave the pool.

Mission accomplished.  I have the turned the monkey into a fish.


One response to “Part monkey… part fish

  1. I remember taking swimming lessons when I was younger. It took me a few tries before I was brave enough to do what I was told. It’s definitely a learning expierence.~ FC

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