Go Fish

Go Fish is the favourite game in our house.  I picked up the card game in San Diego and Piero requests that we play it every day.  After a few weeks of playing it every day,  Kylie has insisted on joining in on the game.  Just by listening to us,  she has the basics down.  If you don’t have a card,  you say Go Fish.  If someone says Go Fish to you,  you pick up a card.

It is very interesting to see Kylie learn to play the game after watching Piero go through the same process.  You get insight into how little kids’ minds work.  When I ask Kylie which card she wants to ask about she always, always picks the card on the right hand side.   If I was to leave the same card  in the right most position,  she would ask about that card over and over again.  This is much like how Piero played.  He started by asking the same person for the same card, turn after turn.  A turning point was when he started to ask about random cards and the second turning point was when he started to ask the person for the card they had just asked about.  Now,  he remembers who asks what and if he should pick up a frog from the pick-up pile,  he can remember that Papa or I asked for a frog like 6 turns ago.  Piero had a lot of problems  figuring out if he had something (with the other game of Go Fish that is now at Kelly’s house) and we would often have to show him the card .  Kylie is exactly the same way.  If you ask her if she has something,  she will always say no.  But if you show her the picture,  she can pick out the match even though the pictures are not identical.  The cards come in baby/mother uppercase/lowercase letter pairs so a small child probably needs to process whether or not the animals are the same.  Let’s just say that I will probably be losing a whole lot of Go Fish games now that Kylie is my partner.  I think it will be a little while before Kylie understands the game well enough to be holding her own hand of cards.

As Piero masters each step in the game,  we work on the next step.  The next step at this moment is teaching him that his cards are secret.  He no longer tells us the cards in his hands(he _just_ learned that) but we still have some problems with him holding his cards such that ANYONE can see what is in his hand.

As a long time adult with very little exposure to children,  it is interesting to watch what must be learned.  After all… I don’t remember anymore that I didn’t know how to hold my cards.  To me it is a skill that would seem to be as natural as knowing how to breathe.


2 responses to “Go Fish

  1. Games are so much fun once the kids grasp the concept.
    Good luck! ~ FC

  2. Thanks for dropping in at my blog – and welcome.  In my house, the game du jour is Tic Tac Toe. Zeze has just learned how to play and while she is still mastering how to get a diagonal win, she’s pretty darn good.

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