Short but relaxing

As always… Sunday is simply too short to be considered a weekend.  But it was somewhat relaxing.  We got up and went to the gym and I got all my cooking done while Eduardo took Kelly to her second job interview/training.  After I got all my chores done,  I sat down to watch a movie called 300.  It is an excellent movie and I would highly recommend it.  For the rest of the afternoon and the evening,  we sat down and tried to get his homework done for his apprenticeship boot camp.   Already,  his ability to process what he is reading and answering questions is improving.  I sure hope so because I didn’t sign up for the apprenticeship program and have no desire to extensively help him for 5 years with his homework.

One of our biggest constraints in the homework department is the children.  As can be expected,  it is very difficult to get homework done with the shrieking(and I use this word in the nicest possible way) of children in the background.  Hopefully Kelly’s job will result in them not spending quite so much time at our place so he can concentrate on homework. 


2 responses to “Short but relaxing

  1. Yup. Weekends go by way too soon. Ya gotta cram a whole lotta stuff into two days. Sux.

  2. G. loves 300…I have it just sitting here.  I should probably watch it.  I think, though, it might be one of those ones you have to be in the mood for…I love the 4 generations photos–those are really awesome!

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