“Sueltame” – Let go of me

"Sueltame" is the most common expression used in the swimming pool between Kylie and I.  It started with me telling her repeatedly to let go of me.  Sometimes because I really wanted her to experience the fact that she wouldn’t drown if she was on her own and sometimes because I was afraid she was going to rip off my necklace,  my swimsuit or was simply hurting me with the way she had decided to grab on to her pool binkie: ME!  And today,  "Sueltame" was exclusively used by Kylie towards me.  She started the day with swimming on two noodles.  Then Piero wanted one so I let Piero have one and prayed that Kylie could swim with just 1.  Every time I touched that noodle to get her going in a different direction (ie out of the deeper water) she immediately said, "Sueltame".  Boy, have the tables turned now!  And by the end of the day,  Kylie graduated from the noodles and was actually swimming by herself (with her trusty little life jacket).  She swallowed more water but she was on her own and didn’t want me touching her even a little bit except to help her in and out of the pool.


One response to ““Sueltame” – Let go of me

  1. That is so cute!  Wes is in a cast till the week of July 22nd and it is just about killing him that we aren’t at the pool everyday.  Our new house in Washington state has a community swimming pool, so I imagine we’ll be there quite often once his cast is removed.
    I love your stories with the kids, they sound like a wonderful bunch.  Hugs!  -Jen

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