What you don’t want to see…

Yesterday,  we were celebrating the fact that we have been together two years.  This is not two years of marriage but 2 years of knowing/dating/being married to each other.   We didn’t really do too much in terms of celebration.  We bought a vacuum cleaner? Both of us have been coming to the conclusion that we are not happy with the cheap little dirt devil that we bought last year because it was cheap and who knew that it was a piece of crap!  We have now come to the conclusion that a powered carpet head is absolutely 100% necessary for our house.  Perhaps our second conclusion is that you get what you pay for when it comes to vacuums.   And good golly… did you know how expensive a canister vacuum cleaner is?  We managed to get a top of the line Miele for 50% or more off the list price.  We did our research and it seems like a pretty good vacuum with few complaints.  What always amazed me is how good of a negotiator Eduardo is without saying a single word.  Perhaps that is the key?  The person doing the negotiating doesn’t know how to deal with the fact that person that did all the talking (me) and appears to be in charge of the relationship is in fact not in charge of the relationship because when it comes down to what we pay – I defer to Eduardo because he has a better head on his shoulder for this kind of thing.  So they have been doing all their selling to me and suddenly realize as we are walking out the door because Eduardo won’t budge on what he wants to pay that they were cozying up to the wrong person.  And as we start to exit… suddenly they are willing to sell for the price that Eduardo wanted to buy for.  It blows my mind.

Anyways… that is a complete sidebar to what I was really going to discuss… What you don’t want to see when you are cleaning up from eating take-out Chinese…. a cockroach snuggled up to your fortune cookie in the take-out bag.   We decided to celebrate with take-out Chinese food and a slice of chocolate cake from Safeway.  As we were cleaning up the left-overs from eating the Chinese food, Eduardo walks out to the kitchen and says… "You don’t want to see this."  I look inside the bag and I am thinking… What? the fortune cookies?  the soy sauce?  What the heck is he talking about.  I am looking at him like he is crazy and he looks inside the bad and moves things around a bit and points out the little stowaway snuggled into the fold of the plastic wrapper on the fortune cookie.  YUM!!!!  This is a huge shame because we love their food and sadly, we won’t be ordering from them again.  Yeah… yeah… I know… lots of kitchens have cockroaches in them but there is a huge difference between intellectually knowing that there are likely cockroaches in many restaurant kitchens and being confronted with said evidence in your take-out.

Its like the time I went to  Sweetwater Tavern for supper one night and a spider came gliding down from the ceiling to hang in front of my face… never been back.  Once again… knowing that spiders are likely in many restaurants and personally being visited by the spider are two entirely different things.  Confronting varmints in a restaurant setting is apparently a deal killer for me.


3 responses to “What you don’t want to see…

  1. Oh BabyCakes!! Me too!!

  2. Mike Coulombe

    yup, Spider came down, and we went out..didn’t even touch our drinks.

  3. I remember when you met him – I can’t believe it has been two years already!
    Congrats… -Jen

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