Going in circles

On July 4th, we had the children.   Our goal was to enjoy our day off with them by having a barbeque, going swimming and seeing the fireworks.  We had the barbeque and it turned out great.  The afternoon was nice although turning cloudy  and not too hot.  We then tried to go for a swim.  Not 5 minutes after we got in the pool… we had to get out.  It started raining and they closed it.  Bummer…

They guys went out to buy a soccer ball so they could play in the field while we waited for the fireworks to start.  We went to the park.  We sat there for a bit and we finally discovered that they weren’t having fireworks this year.  Due to serious injuries last year,  they switched to a laser show.  The kids really wanted to see fireworks so we decided to check out fireworks closer to our house.  I didn’t think the atmosphere was as nice but they put on a good show.  So back home we went to park the car and we started walking over to the school.  We discovered that the back path to the park was closed because of their renovations so we decided to now go AROUND the park.  I felt bad for the kids because this was going to be a long walk.  Just as we got turned around,  it started raining.  We were at a point where we had to decide to take wet kids to see the fireworks or see them… best we could… from our balcony.  We opted for dry kids and the balcony.  Piero was decidedly unhappy because he wanted to see them up close and personal.  We overrode them.

We sat around the house waiting for the fireworks.  They started with a loud bang that you could hear throughout the entire house.  Piero, Eduardo and I ran out to arrange the furniture.  I went back inside and there was Kylie hiding in the hallway and crying.  I picked her up and tried to soothe her as I took her out to the balcony.  I finally persuaded her to look at the pretty colours and her tears dried up and the smile returned.  She absolutely loved the fireworks!  And for the little guy that wanted to see them up close?  It turns out he didn’t want to see them after all.  They were too noisy and part of the way through the fireworks,  he went into the house.  So it turned out that seeing them from the house was the best idea after all.  The view was perfect as we basically sat at fireworks height. 

Eduardo and I made a pact then and there that we weren’t going to go anywhere to see the fireworks from now on.  Our balcony was the perfect vantage point.


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