Christmas in July

Mom sent Piero’s birthday presents a bit late so they just arrived last night.  She bought him 10 Hot Cars – Thanks Mom!  It is a good thing that she did that because according to Eduardo,  Piero didn’t have any interest in cars so we sure wouldn’t have purchased any cars for him.   He loved those cars so much he had to take them to the pool with him when we went.  I put my foot down at actually taking them into the pool.  So later that evening,  I told Piero that we were going to call my Mom and thank her for her gift.  I warned him that she only spoke English.  He smiled widely and responded that he knew a bit of English so that was ok!  So we called Mom and she was totally great about talking to him.  She asked him how he was and you could see him think about that and then say that he was good.  Then, very sweetly, he said ‘Thank you for the cars’  I could hear Mom say she was glad that he liked them and then I prompted him to say that he liked the cars very much and he said that to her.  Then he said "bye, bye."   I wish I could convey in words how absolutely cute it was to hear him speak to my Mom.

I really hope that we can go home for Christmas with the kids.  We don’t know yet if Eduardo can get the time off but I would love to go home and see my family and introduce them to my step-children.


One response to “Christmas in July

  1. Kids are cute. Sounds like you’re really warming up to the steps… That’s awesome for them and for you.
    Take care!

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