The end of an era

I arrived in the United States in October 1996.  The first thing I did was lease a 1997 Toyota Paseo to get me around.  The car wasn’t the colour I wanted and it wasn’t a liftback like the 1996 model.  In fact,  I decided after the fact that it wasn’t really a car that I wanted at all.  But despite that… I completed the lease then bought the car.  In the almost 12 years that I have had the car,  it has been a faithful companion.   It has required very few repairs although I kept up on the required maintenance.   I am going to miss this car.  It hasn’t gone to car heaven.  I sold the car to Kelly.  I wasn’t planning on it but we found out that she can’t get a car loan due to lack of credit.  Of course she has no credit!!! She just arrived in this country.  How the United States expects anyone to get started in this country is beyond me.  They truly make it difficult.

So we went out to buy a car for ourselves so we could sell the car to Kelly.  I thought I wanted a Cooper Clubman.  Eduardo wouldn’t even go test drive this car.  We test drove a Matrix.  Now I have been a loyal Toyota household for years.  Between Mike and I,  we have owned 3 Toyotas but I am sorry, Toyota Corporation,  you didn’t get my business this time around.  The Matrix had an extremely poorly designed instrument panel.  They didn’t have a Yaris to test drive and I guess with the price of gas,  the Prius is selling for a premium.  We went to try to test drive a Nissan Versa.  The chick left us standing at the front door for 20 minutes.  When we left,  we saw her wandering around out back.  Nissan didn’t get our business either.  We called that night a bust.  We looked at the Honda Fit but didn’t test drive it.  And then Eduardo said… well you could get a 2-door if you wanted to…. after all we have the Patriot for family events.  Those were the magic words!  I took him to the VW dealership and we looked at then test drove a Sunflower Yellow VW Beetle.  I  am now the proud owner of my dream car – a yellow Bug.  It is a bit silly and frivolous but still practical.  The gas mileage wasn’t as nice as I would like it but at 29 mpg,  it is also better than most.

Meet Emily……

My Mosiac


2 responses to “The end of an era

  1. I love Emily!! I have told that that will be my next car!

  2. Congrats on the new car! Sure is a great color!
    ~ FC

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