Was I like this?

Mom always said she couldn’t wait until I had children especially if they turned out like me.  Well Mom… I don’t know if they are turning out like me… you tell me.

I am
making lunch. They come up to me and say they are hungry. I tell them
to wait until lunch is ready. Piero starts into the makings of a little temper tantrum then
goes on to say he doesn’t like what I am making. Have you ever had it?
No… then how do you know if you will like it or not.

15 or 20
minutes later lunch is being served. Now, Piero (who didn’t
actually get anything when he asked prior) is now no longer hungry and
eats almost nothing despite liking said lunch – or so he says. And they wonder why I
didn’t feed them right before lunch! ARGH!!!


3 responses to “Was I like this?

  1. Kids can really be very picky, huh?

  2. Oh you get all the joys of motherhood and you don’t get the stretch marks!!!

  3. I’ve been watching Nanny 911 while pet sitting this week. I tell you what, kids are strange creatures. You might want to check that show out. They have some really helpful tips.
    Good luck!~ FC

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