Hailed out

Saturday night,  we decided to head to the free movies that are offered every August on Saturday nights.   They call them drive-in movies so I think the point of the set-up is to stay in your car and watch the movie.  I wish I could tell you more but the movie night got canceled.  We headed out in nice, sunny weather, stopping first at KFC to grab us a picnic supper.  As we headed toward Centerville,  the clouds started forming.  The closer we got the Centerville,  the more unwelcoming the weather was.  Just after we arrived and pulled into our parking spot….. BLAM… the rain started pouring,  the wind started whipping the trees and the ice started falling.  Sitting inside the car while being pelted by the hail was interesting to say the least.  The kids were intially scared until we got them all excited about ice falling from the sky.   Neither they nor Eduardo had seen hail.  I was really concerned about the car being damaged since the ice pellets were actually fairly large but no damage that could be easily seen.

So we ended up having our picnic supper on the living room floor while we watched Chicken Little – courtesy of NetFlix.


One response to “Hailed out

  1. Some times having a picnic indoors can be just as fun! We’re supposed to get storms today with hail. Hopefully it bypasses but we’ll see.
    ~ FC

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