Eco Challenge

I try to be consumer conscious.  Does this mean that I never buy new? Absolutely not!  Hopefully it means that I buy what I need and don’t buy what I don’t need.  If I choose to buy something I want,  I try to think long and hard about what it is I am buying before I buy it.

Is it working?  I sure hope so.  I have certainly cut down on my clothing.  I have definitely cut down on my ‘laying around’ stuff.  We don’t own a lot of gadgets and we don’t buy a lot of toys for the kids.

My last major purchase was the car and my last minor purchase was a bra.  Both fairly necessary for a variety of reasons.  My next major purchase that I am planning on making is a new sewing machine.  I have been waiting for a year to save up the money from my allowance to replace my 25 year old Pfaff.  This isn’t a need but most definitely a want and a useful want at that as I can mend clothes, make new clothes and make other things such as curtains and quilts and such like.  I don’t know when I will be purchasing it but it won’t be until September or October.

So what is the Eco Challenge all about?  I have joined up for an Eco Challenge on Crunchy Chicken’s blog (no URL at the moment) to not buy anything new for a month(August) outside of necessities such as food and gas.  If I must buy something,  then I must buy it used or barter or do something along that line.   I make the caveat that I am not responsible for my husband’s purchases.  He wasn’t interested in the challenge and I have little to no influence over how he spends his money.  So far I have failed just once…. we purchased KFC for our aborted picnic.  I was willing to purchase food from the grocery store but he really wanted KFC so we purchased it.   I think restaurant/take-out food will be our downfall as we do occasionally indulge.  Outside of that?  I don’t purchase much in general as a frivilous consumer so I suspect this Eco Challenge will simply turn out to be every day life for me.  We shall see.


One response to “Eco Challenge

  1. Good luck with the challenge!
    ~ FC

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