Are they indestructible?

I generally wear contacts.  In February,  I quit wearing them and went back to glasses.  I just felt so busy that I was procrastinating on putting my contacts back in after I took them out for cleaning each weekend.  I don’t like putting them back in so it is not hard to procrastinate.   So I returned to glasses….

A couple of months ago,  I took my glasses off and put them on the couch next to me.  Timmie jumped up on the couch and I hear a little ‘crunch’.  Yep… that was my glasses.  She snapped them right at the point that the arm connects to the front piece.  There was no way I could fix it.  So I have been without glasses waiting for my 1 year to be up so I could use my insurance again.  At long last… I had an appointment Wednesday and selected a new pair of glasses.  The arms are completely and totally bendable.  The bridge is also bendable although not to the same degree.  They are light as crap.  I am not sure you could even notice that you were wearing them.  This I like very much because I always have a problem with the arms pressing against my head and hurting.  This is usually why I end up taking off my glasses all the time and leaving them lying around.   These are rimless glasses so they are almost invisible.  The frames are a plum colour.  Purple is my favourite colour so this is a nice touch.  I could have bought a soft gold colour that completely disappeared into my face but I went with purple because it is a little different.

So… will they survive the cat?  And does this mean I have to go to Confessional Sunday for the EcoChallenge to confess my expenditure?  I really do need to wear glasses to drive if I want to read road signs and drive at night.  I think this makes it a necessity and not a luxury.  Ok… Ok… I could have bought frames for a 1/3 of the price so they are a bit of a luxury.  Hopefully,  I will enjoy these frames and they will be with me for years to come.  No need to replace the frames if I am happy with them even if my prescription changes.  That would make it better than cheap glasses that I hate.  Right?


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