WAAAH…. zzzzzz

Friday night was a bit of a disaster when it first started.  Eduardo was grouchy… his bad mood was infecting me and the kids were rambunctious beyond belief.  They wouldn’t be quiet.  They wouldn’t quit running around in the condo and they wouldn’t stay off the furniture.   ARGH!!!!! So I snuck off down to the pool to see if it was open.  It was so I returned to the house and suggested we all go the pool.  Eduardo didn’t want to go which made Piero cry and beg for him to come (ARGH!!!! again).  So he went to the pool too.  Eduardo didn’t even come dressed to go in.  I came dressed to swim and stuck my toe in the pool and declared it WAY to cold to go in… even to amuse the children.  My basic goal was to just wear them out so they would quit running around and driving us nuts.  To that end… we played a game.  I stood at the edge of the pool and threw the beach ball at the children.  If I hit them,  I won… if I missed them… they won.  So they swan around trying not to get hit and then swam some more returning the ball back to me.  8pm rolls around and we are back at the house putting them in their PJs.  They are blessedly tired.  I suggest I read to them until it is time for bed.  I spend an hour reading multiple books.  I tell them it is time for bed and immediately Piero starts crying that he doesn’t want to go to bed (ARGH!!!!).  He wants to watch a video… WAAAAHHH…. so I tell them I will talk to Papa about setting up the portable DVD player.  I go out to ask Papa do said thing; he walks into the bedroom and returns… apparently,  Piero is asleep!  I don’t know how he got from crying to sleeping in under 2 minutes but I wasn’t about to argue with divine intervention.

The strategy didn’t work quite as well the second night… such is life.


2 responses to “WAAAH…. zzzzzz

  1. Just tell them not to go to sleep and just lay there and rest and you will come back in a few minutes to read them a story.
    When you get back 9 out of 10 times they will be asleep.
    I did it with my kids and your mon did it with you. LOL
    Works great with Jake.

  2. You are wonderful with the kids, I get so many ideas from you.  🙂
    They are lucky to have you.  🙂
    Hugs, Jen

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