Where is the world going?… to hell in a handbasket

I completely don’t understand the world I live in.  Let me relate two examples of the type of people we have in this world….

Example #1:
Apparently, the hotel at which Eduardo is working is next to a homeless shelter.  The homeless hang outside this shelter when it is closed over an area that covers several blocks.  On Saturday,  Eduardo parks as always on the street.  The parking lots are closed (which are danged expensive anyways) on Saturdays.  A homeless girl walks up to him and asks for money.  He says he doesn’t have any (which he probably doesn’t since we don’t carry cash) and goes into work.  When he relates this story to a co-worker, his co-worker responds that he pays the homeless a couple of dollars whenever they ask for money because he doesn’t want them to mess up his car.  Eduardo heads outside but it is too late.  They have scratched a line down the side of his car under the window from the back of the car to the back of the front window.   So now… if Eduardo doesn’t want his car damaged he has to pay protection money on Saturdays?  Who knew…

Example #2:
On Friday,  I discovered that someone covered up some facts and told a lie.  I was not very happy.  I was even less happy when I confronted that person and they told me that I made them lie to me.  Say what????!?!?!  Indeed, because they knew that I would respond badly to them telling the truth, they decided to lie to me so they wouldn’t have to deal with my response.  I presume that their hope was that I would never find out.  And this makes it my fault?  For the love of all that is holy… PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE act like an adult and own up to your actions.  I did not force you to lie to me.  You chose to lie to me because you thought it was the easy way out.  And then as I was minding my own business,  a little conversation popped into my head.  I wasn’t even thinking of this situation but there it was running through my head.  This is when I realized that multiple lies were told to keep this entire situation a secret.

Now I am definitely guilty of lying and covering up things.  As an adult,  I have maybe done this once or twice.  And after the last time,  I swore it simply wasn’t worth it.  If  I was doing something that required covering up… then I shouldn’t be doing said something.  But I never once said to the person that I was being deceitful toward… but you made me do it!  At the time,  I felt the circumstances dictated a cover-up but I didn’t believe for a moment that anyone but ME was responsible for what I was doing. 

Combine that cover-up with some other little lies (about nothing important) that were said and I am now wondering if anything that comes out of that person’s mouth is truthful.  The trust between us is basically destroyed.


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