Long overdue chore done

To go along with the LONG, LONG overdue chore of shredding,  I have went to the condo office and requested a storage box.  Last night,  I trucked down Christmas decorations and MANY empty boxes for collectibles and other things that will never be needed in a hurry in our house.  I cleaned out an entire section of our closet.  I then proceeded to fill up most of that cleared out closet with things that were being ‘stored’ – and I use that word loosely – in other areas of our house.  I still have a bit of space left in our storage box but I was simply too tired to think of what else I could put in the space after I got the obvious stuff down there.  The only down side to the upper floor condo is that you are 4 flights of stairs from the storage lockers.

My next task is to take the rest of the paperwork that is around the desk and sort through it.  Some of it needs to be shredded and some of it needs to be stored in the plastic boxes that I bought specifically for that purpose.

Last night, we even managed to sell the pendant light that Eduardo brought home from one of his old jobs.  He had brought home several lights that he thought we could use to update the lights in our house.  We used all but two so we were trying to sell the nicest one on Craigslist.  Wowsers…. that was a tough bunch this time around.  We had to bring the price of the light down to 25$ (normally sells for 100$) before we got our only nibble.

Slowly but surely we are paring down on the stuff in our house.  A long time ago,  I had decided to quit buying laying-around/decorative stuff.  For the most part, I have managed to keep to that decision.  But despite that… you definitely manage to accumulate a lot of stuff.  I still have a lot of stuff although I did a MAJOR purge when I moved from the townhouse to the condo.

Hopefully,  I can keep on this roll and continue to declutter the condo bit by bit.


One response to “Long overdue chore done

  1. Man, that is something I can totally relate to.  I keep trying to cut down, but somehow, I keep getting more stuff. <sigh>

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