Update on Buy Nothing Challenge

A month ago,  I wrote that I was going to participate in the buy nothing challenge for the month of August.  The goal was to buy nothing except groceries and gas.  How well did I do? You tell me…

Purchases I could have done better on:

  • Shredder – needed but I could have bought this from CraigsList.  Consider this poor execution on my part.

Purchases made for the sake of family harmony:

  • McDonalds – Eduardo was hungry and wouldn’t have wanted to break from errands to go home to eat
  • Five Guys – we wanted to go to an outdoor movie but I had no time after work to put together a supper. We did takeout.
  • KFC – same as Five Guys.  worked up until we had to leave to an outdoor movie and nobody had eaten supper. We did takeout
  • erase board for drawing for Kylie.  Piero got one with his school supplies.  Fighting had been ensuing.  Second one bought to keep the peace.

Useful purchases made:

  • New sewing machine to replace a 25 year old machine that has been getting testy.  This is also a fancier machine whereas my old one was more basic.  I was going to replace this in October on employee day but a good sale at work moved up my decision to purchase. And I had the allowance money already saved
  • Tools and supplies for my husband’s apprenticeship training
  • new glasses to replace the ones my cat broke several months ago.  I was waiting for my annual exam in August to get them covered under insurance.

Not so useful purchases made:

  • Five Guys – Eduardo wanted to… I was tired and I forgot about the challenge.
  • cheap plastic placements for the kids – will this keep things cleaner?  I can only hope.

To be honest,  I am not sure I changed my purchasing habits any.  I could have done better on the shredder.  I blew it there.  I needed glasses, he needed tools and the sewing machine was a planned purchase in the making for almost a year.  All I truly brought into the house that was absolutely unnecessary was the placemats and we ate out more than I wished we did.  I am not really one for making impulse purchases to begin with and all the challenge showed me was that even if I didn’t change my purchasing habits much… I still didn’t buy much.


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