Wish upon a Hero

I am not sure where I ran into this site but I found it out there somewhere in blogland.  The premise of the website is that someone puts up a need/wish and someone else provides for that need/wish.  Some of them are pretty simple like cards for a child’s birthday or something like that.  Some of these are far more tragic like wanting a special needs bike or food and clothing for their family.

I thought this was a perfect idea for the children’s drawings.  They draw so much that we throw a lot of them out.  We sent some up to Mom that the kids specifically wanted to draw for her (their idea – not mine) and lots go home to Kelly but that still leaves lots and lots of drawings at our house.  This weekend,  I asked the children if they wanted to draw for someone who wanted to get pictures because they were sick or lonely.  I got an enthusiastic YES out of Piero so we signed up for Wish Upon a Hero and selected a special needs boy that wanted birthday cards.  The mother responded back that they would love to get handmade cards/pictures so Piero and Kylie sat down and drew them some pictures.  I was surprised at the level of interest Piero had in the boy.  He wanted to know what his name was.  He wanted to write a little letter to him and what I didn’t expect was that Piero would ask if we could send a toy to the little boy.  I told him no but maybe I should get some stickers from the Dollar Store for the next time. 

I hope to continue doing this because I would like to encourage their interest in helping others.  Sending a packet of drawings is so easy for us and yet such a big deal to the person looking forward to mail.


One response to “Wish upon a Hero

  1. What a great idea!! And be able to share the pix….what a great idea!! Sometimes the simplest things are all that’s needed.

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