My mortgage company just went under and was sold to JP Chase.  The bank that holds my personal IRA just got sold to Citigroup.  Now I am not too concerned about my mortgage.  They will simply assume the mortgage and life goes on.  I am much more concerned about my IRA since it actually had bank-owned funds in it.  I like to think that I don’t need to worry too much because if the funds were in serious trouble,  I would have had some inkling about it by now – right?  After all, my IRA has been stable the last year or so.

So… I guess I best make some inquiries into the health of my IRA. *sigh*

And in one of those lightning fast updates…. Only the banking side of that bank was sold to Citigroup.  The securities side is alive and well.


3 responses to “Ooops…

  1. Roy’s thinking about taking our money and stuffing the mattress!! And I’m not sure but I think IRA are fine…FDIC’d. But be sure!

  2. It’s craziness right now.  The conspiracy-theorist in me wonders if we are going to end up with one single government controlled bank at the end of this.
    I hope your IRA weathers the transition ok.
    Hugs, Jen
    Our similiar views and leaning towards the different candidates isn’t that unusual.  My mom and I seem to see eye to eye on everything and she can’t wait to go vote Obama in November.  🙂  I have liked McCain for many years, since I read his book about his time as a POW back in high school.  I have an innate distrust of charismatic people as well, so the very thing that is working in Obama’s favor for most of the population counts against him in my book.  Go figure.  McCain lost some points with me after I got to know Palin, if he felt he "had" to have a female so that no matter the outcome, the election was "historic", he could have picked a far more experienced woman without as many distracting skeletons in the closet.  Were Elizabeth Dole or Sue Myrick vetted?  My bet is "no".  Ok that is enough of my political rambling.  LOL
    To delete comments, go to your blog "summary" page, there are checkboxes next to blogs and comments on those blogs, select the check box and click the delete button.  I don’t know about you, but the advertising comments I’m getting are on really old blogs, its a pain to scroll through and find the blog to delete the comment.  I sent a suggestion in to Spaces to see if they would change it so that we could delete comments on our individual "spaces home" pages where the newest comments are listed,  but they only replied with some standard text about sending them links to prove my complaint.  Grrr.

  3. Hi, Billie:  It’s Maris!  I’ve been catching up on your blog, except that I don’t think I’m catching up!  You’ve got a lot going on.  Our house was struck by lightning this summer and I quit my job (gasp) because I had had enough so now am taking a break to focus on getting us back home and my family and I wish I would have done it sooner.  One goal is to get blogging again… we shall see if I can hold on to it! Hope all is well. Maris

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