Stupidity results in rewards apparently

I am totally 100% against the bailout that ALMOST(I thought when the parties had agreed to the terms that it would simply pass – boy was I surprised) went through today.  I
even emailed my Senators telling them I was against it.  I feel like I
am being burned twice.  First the Countrywide bailout where homeowners
could restructure their mortgage.  Boy… wouldn’t I have liked those
restructures with a 4% interest rate.  But no… I couldn’t take
advantage of that restructuring unless I missed a couple of mortgage
payments.  Hmm… rewarding poor decision making?  And now the bailout of
companies who were also greedy and made stupid decisions?  Once
again… no consequences for stupidity.  I think Americans are going to
learn that stupidity comes with rewards not risks!  So I can’t get that amazing interest rate and now my taxes are being used to help greedy, stupid people?

Why aren’t the people who made prudent decisions being rewarded for their financial acumen?  The world is being turned upside down and no one is thinking anything is wrong with this. 

And I will post more.  I am afraid that I came down with my annual… my child went to school and picked up the circulating bug… illness.  I probably would have gotten sick sooner but I hadn’t seen Piero for the first 3 weeks that he was in school.


2 responses to “Stupidity results in rewards apparently

  1. 1. I concur. 
    2. You can’t knock the small stuff–every bit helps–and it’s especially important to teach it to your children.
    3. WishUponaHero sounds neat.

  2. I was watching Jay Leno last night, he had Russell Crowe (sp) on..and Mr. Crowe had a Brilliant Idea about the Bailout. Instead of 700T$ to bailout those companies..give every adult American 1M$ would be much cheaper, and Everyone would come out ahead , lol…not sure if it would work, but I’m all for it.

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